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    Are you ready for another ‘MY TOP 4’ video? This time it's left back Sergiño Dest who choses his all-time favorite players!
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    1. Георги Димитров

      Stoichkov Maradona Maldini Oliver Kahn

    2. Feliz Creations

      Koeman was a Dutch and dear grew up in Netherland... And koeman was good deffender👀

    3. No shoes No worries

      hi im sergey odess and this is my top four

    4. Kauani Silva


    5. Kelvin Adu

      Overrated American Hector Bellerin 😂

    6. ObiJuanKenobi BenKenobi

      Sergiño 😡

    7. Football IS Here

      His Choose Koeman 🤣🤣🤣

    8. Miraj Uddin

      Did u know Koeman used to play for Barcelona?

    9. Sekou Siyla


    10. Erik Farquharson

      Dest se parece a mike tawers xd

    11. Indranil Dutta

      Dest be like I'm choosing Koeman to secure my place in team

    12. Kevin Samuel V

      Jajaja eligió a koeman para ser titular indiscutible

    13. Cristobal Padron Perez

      Asme la pelota a koeman

    14. LUKA

      Ima balkanaca

    15. Lucas Hansson

      Left back?

    16. Randy Torres Reloaded

      This guy can't speak proper English yet he plays for the USMNT. Hell, my cousins down in Mexico speaks better English than this.

    17. りょー太りょー太

      バルセロナが一番好きです! デストの活躍願ってます!

    18. Nana Yaw

      I think we all know y he chose Koeman. It's just life 🤣

    19. BK WRLD

      Nice try to impress Ronald koemon

    20. Hisana Hisu

      i think he is from brazil

    21. Karim Mohamed


    22. LM10

      My top 4: Valdes Puyol Xavi Messi

    23. Akhil

      R9 is the Best my eyes have ever seen.

    24. Cajokal Gamer

      teto é brabo, canta trap e joga no meu barça

    25. Gokul V S

      In short.. Dest says that he is a brazilian fan... 😁

    26. Facundo Gonzalez

      He don't have american accent

      1. Shaked Nega

        Beacuse he's originally dutch , he was born in holland

    27. Maria 2610

      Sergiño is Barcelona future and hopefully he will be in Barcelona for a lot of years

    28. 西本和矢


    29. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    30. David Parra

      I’m sorry but I just don’t see him lasting. I feel we should have world class players and he just isn’t. I’m not a fan of him. I don’t see what everyone sees in hom

    31. SoyAdrian 099

      Por que esta en ingles si el club es español??

    32. ERIXXX _

      Como le hace la pelota al mister

    33. I m bit Z

      Mr dest u r an alien brother it was very difficult to recognise u becoz u dont look like human species u r an alien dest ❤️🔥👍

    34. Med Motion

      Destroy doesn’t sound american for some reason

      1. Createwolf

        He was born in Holland but moved to the USA cause his dad

    35. Mobile Plus

      Why koeman?

    36. glückspilz

      Dude can’t even speak proper english but claims to be american

    37. Mammu Editz

      മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ

    38. Tangeni Iiputa

      Yo is this scripted cause it feels scripted

    39. Jaber Miah

      Messi should be on top

    40. holy spirit

      Como ganarte el titular en un simple paso.

    41. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro


    42. Muhemmed Sindi

      American guy, yet his English is still stumbling, I wonder why!?

    43. Khalid Attia

      Where Messi LOL!

    44. C. K

      Oh i am literally suprised when he speak in English.

    45. حلاتي بضحكاتي

      اكو عرب بالطياره

    46. S5E17 Luis Carlos Ulloa Luna

      Vengo por el meme de como ganarse la titularidad xD




      He talkes like he is from India not america

    49. Libni Membreño

      KOEMAN Era buen Defensa pero entrenador es una Mierda

    50. Ntokozo Shaun Chauke

      The description says "left back" 😂😂 Who wrote that?

    51. PES TURKEY

      Messi shoul Come in this show tbh

    52. Jose Pedro

      Cadê messi

    53. Andrea Lagravinese


    54. William Paul Christensen

      Messi top 4

    55. Hidde Kruithof

      I stil don't understand why dest is playing for the united States.

    56. Was denn grosser

      This guy's accent sounds like he isn't rlly American

    57. Akhtara Alam

      My top four are: Gk Neuer Defender Nesta Midfielder Zidane Striker IDK🙄

    58. Ivan J

      Koeman? Really? Hahahaha

    59. Huzaif Clinton

      Koeman lack coaching sense 😡😡😡

    60. Lekboks King

      Wait so there are two Ronaldo .. this mean. Ronaldo is Ronaldo father lol 😂 But still I don’t whant to hear Ronaldo CR7 < off bruh why am I saying the name offf Lol 😂 it was for funny

    61. Kevin Bouyssou


    62. Tahmidur Araf

      Dest is better than Semedo

    63. Lord Bunbury

      For the people saying he only chooses him to get game time; Top goal-scoring defenders of all time: 1. Ronald Koeman - 253 goals. 2. Daniel Passarella - 175 goals. 3. Fernando Hierro - 163 goals. 4. Laurent Blanc - 153 goals. 5. Graham Alexander - 130 goals. 6. Sergio Ramos - 126 goals. 7. Steve Bruce - 113 goals. 8. Paul Breitner - 113 goals. 9. Roberto Carlos - 113 goals. 10. Franz Beckenbauer 109 goals.

      1. Aditya K

        @Lord Bunbury that's all great bro. Utmost respect! 🙏I love him for his goals, hate him for his ego.Riqui deserves to play

      2. Lord Bunbury

        @Aditya K He played in Cruijff’s Barcelona. But I guess you know better than Cruijff? He won Barca their first champions league. He was a part of the dutch squad that won the European cup in 1988.

      3. Aditya K

        What about goal conceeding and egoistic defenders? Koeman topping the list?

      4. Aditya K



      Super bien dit courage

    65. Mostafa Kh

      Messi si le te ple reste avec Barcelona🥺

    66. Gabriel Kufner

      Happy to see 3 players from my country in Sergino’s top 4 😜

    67. Sahaana Terani

      Now his idol is in jail, life moves fast!

      1. Gabriel Kufner

        Not anymore man he’s free

    68. Agustin Dolso

      Por Dios mira lo que dice este No está maradona ni messi

    69. Mario David

      Koeman out

    70. darpagu

      Que lambon el dest diciendo koeman para ganar puntos

    71. Emanuel Meza

      Like si hablas español

    72. Kai Tatezawa

      Dest is American 🇺🇸, but sadly he decides to not choose any American players.

    73. Enzo Stephano

      Dest eligiendo de central a su entrenador :V

      1. Ulises Jara Chaves

        Total argolla

    74. Antonnie Griezmann

      SERGIÑO 😡😡😡

    75. TheGreatestOfAllTime LM10

      Hola Mr Dest 💥🔥💪🔵🔴

    76. Peppa Pig

      La Masia is the reason of Barcelona success, puig won’t start

    77. FC. Barcelona


    78. John Blessed

      A good top four. Dest is the type of young player we need at Barça for our team rebuild, a player with love for the club and passion for football to win games. 😃🔵🔴💪

    79. Johnny Johnson

      Is Dest really from US , *he doesn't sound like an American 🌚*

      1. Lord Bunbury

        He was born and raised in the Netherlands, but he played in all the youth teams for the US. His dad moved to the US from Suriname and has an American passport and Dest chose the US team over the Netherlands squad.

    80. Appa

      I dont get why he chose USA over Netherlands he cant spreak good english and he is raised and born in Holland..

      1. Valentino

        Cause when he was younger he only played in the U17 US cause the Dutch team didn’t have him a chance so when he was becoming good the Dutch team wanted to sign him and let him play but Dest didn’t forget who let him play when he was younger so he choose for the US.

    81. towhid pranto

      Well played sergino Defender Ronald koeman

    82. Vadim Nepeyvoda

      So funny to see how USA stole European talents. Dest’s English lvl is max A2 but he has American passport, nice tactic, USA!

    83. Teteu Games

      Isn’t Sergiño Dest Is Serginho Dest 😂

    84. Thushara Lakshan

      No surprise there! Koeman was the cb of cruyiff's dream team

    85. Pedro Henrique


    86. carmen millan ruiz

      q raro q no escogiese a dani alves en la defensa

    87. El Profesor

      Do this with Riqui Puig and make sure he chooses Koeman in defence. 😅😭👍

    88. Porygon

      Wait wait wait, hold on. I thought this guy is an American? Why does he sounds like an Albanian? Wtf haha

    89. 35 Messi Pereira

      Lets ask Pedri his best legends

    90. WLS FF


    91. Deivison Maciel

      Juega mueto merece ser titula

    92. Ewar owo


    93. marlito gamer

      Ask pique

      1. marlito gamer


    94. El Comentarista

      0:35. The best option XD

    95. Ailton RF

      Dest is a very good player It was a good decision to bring him

    96. ALI AMEER

      Ronald koeman is the player who give barca first ever ucl title in 1992

    97. Soccer Guy

      Sergino on drugs

    98. Soccer Guy

      His high asf he really choosed Koeman WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF HNNNN

    99. Soccer Guy

      Wtv the fuck his name is

    100. William Andrés

      Dest needs to do more, till now he has been a huge dissapointment. Jordi Alba who is older is doing much better than him.