🎯 Shooting MASTERCLASS as UCL prep gets underway!

FC Barcelona

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    Attention turned to UEFA Champions League action today ahead of Wednesday's clash against Juventus in Turin! See how the first-team squad got on at Ciutat Esportiva!
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    1. FC Barcelona

      ⏱️ 7 SECOND CHALLENGE: JUVENTUS - BARÇA | PJANIC v NETO ⚽ paprom.info/block/v/hJ-4bZaTmaxlzII.html

      1. Samuel Adeyemi

        We need ask messi and Ansu fati

      2. Xabi Altuna

        Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Vive la Révolution! Chemin vers la Guillotine! Que paguen con cárcel, devolviendo todo lo robado Floreta de Hamelín y sus apesebrados emboscados blancos. No queremos más vividores, ni chaqueteros y lacayos serviles. Ojalá sea verdad después de una larga espera de cinco años. REVOLUCIÓN total desde la cúspide a la base!!! ✊💙❤️

      3. Ahmad Ali

        Keep working 💪

      4. Anzonini Delpuerto


      5. Muhamad kahfi

        Wins wins wins 🔥🔥🔥

    2. Lucas L

      Is Barca gonna be a PApromr since they’ve got so many subscribers......

    3. Leandro Lima

      Coutinhooo 🇧🇷🇧🇷🔥🔥

    4. gaglet


    5. Herolind Morina

      Djema Forca Barcelona

    6. Sub to me I sub to u

      First to miss the goat brathwaite

    7. Mhsn Aisa

      Finally bartomeou is gone wow 🤩 good news for so long

    8. Nidia Valdivieso

      Que mal que no va a jugar CR7 lo espere por días este encuentro

    9. Dario Francioli


    10. Kamal Bumedian Taimaten

      Porque no sale Messi?



    12. Benjamin Campos

      Un barca feliz sin bartomeu


      Haha losers 3-1 8-2 7-0 11-1 And now go win naft masjed soleyman 😂😂

    14. GreatGamingChannale

      Why doesn't barcelona shoot like this during a match now that matches are not public, still pissed of at the poor performance they displayed at el classico and also pissed of at the judges and VAR but can't do shit about it. I hope now that rat is gone that barcelona will recover.

    15. Haude Raj

      Koeman has to change first 11 for this game if he wants to win. In my opinion, first 11 should be Neto, lenglet, alba, dest and roberto for defense... Coutinho, de jong and Puig for midfield.... Then for striking... Messi, fati and dembelle. Then see how Barca can kiss victory in turin.

    16. M Ferdiansyah

      C'mon grizi to onfire🔥🔥


      ¡ Vamos Barca !

    18. Eduardo Gomez garrido

      SOY DEL BARCA desde muy chico es el mejor equipo del mundo

    19. Mor Sy

      Vamos dembelle no tengas miedo hermano

    20. barcelona tiki taka

      De jong is very happy everyone knows why :)

    21. tomas gartner

      Who else true fans of barca over an year🤗 Who will win today🏆 Barcelona - like👍🏻 Juventus - comment👇

    22. D I E L L

      Finally Bartomeu is out

    23. Deepak Prashant

      Who is here after bartomeu resigned.


      They will practice shooting in training but will never shoot in a match, believe me. Shots on target: 0. Toothless team

    25. Ahmed G

      For the love of God play Dembele on the right wing

    26. Beats by Khali

      😂😂🤣ah so Griezman can’t score to save his life

    27. ngonia jacob dibi

      Bravo Dembele on sens qu'il a fait envie.

    28. Adam El Dali

      Forza Juve! Fino alla fine!

    29. Kenneth Agyei

      Barça 3 Juve 2 shalom pour messi aujourd'ui

    30. Ser Komla

      realising that dembele gets views the editors: shoot more dembele

    31. Joel Viju

      Not gonna lie but the music ruined it.

    32. BIG BOOK


    33. ILES _SLH

      Bartumeo good bay The New fcb welcome I am soooooooooooo Happy Hey the World from this time You will never see the Bad F.c. Barcelona because Bartumeu is gon World i présent you The New project of FC Barcelona 😭😭😭😭😇😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💪💪😻😻😻😻😻😻 I belive you guys go And win the UCL

    34. Bunty Israni

      Where is messi

    35. sheeja Harish

      Antoine griezmann 👌🇫🇷🇫🇷

    36. ANAZ MICAZ

      Sure barca loss

    37. aflah rahman

      please teach griezman to shoot

    38. asif ali

      Where is the king 🦁

    39. Sreeprakash Narayan

      Did you notice how they showed the clips of fans favorites like dembele, trincao etc scoring whereas the shots of griezmann, and braithwaite shown were saved??

    40. decent man

      Barca need defending masterclass not shooting right now.

    41. Mad Max

      Bartomeu Out

    42. Harshaq Harshaq

      മലയാളീസ് ഇവിടെ camon

    43. Amine Attar

      Neto is very bad

    44. Estefani romero Argueta Argueta

      Mi hequipo bueno desde del 2000 te apoyo tantantas caídas y desde morazan te apoyo el. Salvador pongales pilas creo en su plantia vamos que vamos jóvenes nuevos tener más carácter ser líderes

    45. Lipino

      where is messi?

    46. R. Ritz

      Awante el bayern

    47. Just Chillin'

      Trincao needs to be a little more cold blooded in front of goal... His goals will surely come... 🤗🤗🤗

    48. Pedro Calles

      Dembelé on fire need more time...⚽🔥❤️💙🇫🇷

    49. anwar irsyad

      Please don't make changes too late, especially when you've lost the game or the score

    50. anwar irsyad

      Please see Sergio Basquest in the last matched, still deserve to play? how many mistakes did he do?

    51. Asura

      Bartomeu just resigned YES!!!

    52. Xabi Altuna

      “El futuro tiene muchos nombres. Para los débiles es lo inalcanzable. Para los temerosos, lo desconocido. Para los valientes es la oportunidad.” Víctor Hugo. Aviso para navegantes, sobre todo para aquellos que optan a la presidencia del Club, ojalá los socios estén siempre alertas ante próximas plagas de vividores, tecnócratas, emboscados, empresarios de bolsillos calientes, comisionistas y demás lacras conocidas, no se puede repetir algo tan fatídico y bochornoso para la entidad. Solo falta que todas las causas pendientes abran el camino del enjuiciamiento de la junta al completo, con el posterior encarcelamiento de Bartomeu y los suyos, que salga a relucir toda la verdad, propia y ajena, con todo lo que conlleva más allá del Club. Pura Mafianistán. 🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾 🏴‍☠️✊💙❤️

    53. ebrima Drammeh

      I am a Muslims from Gambia, I have praise to Allah for helping Barcelona fan's who where sick for good 3 seasons in the hands of bartomeu and his board. Alhamdulillah I am happy for bartomeu and his board resign today. So many fan's protests against bartomeu and his board out of this club now the fan's deals is done. Visca Barcelona fan's forever.

    54. parent of child Volvovsky Volvovsky


    55. Phuii Gaming

      We want jorgen Klopp as a coach please

      1. Phuii Gaming

        Or Diego simione

    56. Blessed Zulu

      Why's no one else wondering where Leo is?

    57. lesego molefe

      where's Messi?

    58. Martin Perez

      Lineup against Juventus: Griezman Fati Messi Trincao Dejong. Pjanic Alba. Lenglet. Araujo. Dest

    59. Sanjay S

      Good luck to JUVENTUS!!!!!

      1. Sanjay S

        Cause they cant score past barcelona the best team in the world

    60. Benedict Chilambo

      Wait messi is not at training? 🤨

    61. The Best Friends

      Dembele 100%

    62. ronaldo goat

      Where is messi??

    63. ObiJuanKenobi BenKenobi

      Griezmann fail all his kikcks

    64. ThisBoyStylish

      who was the guy that shot the first shot?

    65. Bibliotheque Audio - Livres

      *Salut la team. Sur ma chaine je vous propose de découvrir des livres audio gratuits sur l’entreprenariat et le développement personnel. L’éducation financière : le moyen le plus efficace pour atteindre la liberté financière. N'oubliez pas de vous abonner*

    66. Hasan Akdoğan

      Ter stegen 😭😭😭😭

    67. Mauricio La Rosa Suárez

      The name of the song?

    68. Gourab Sarkar

      Where is Messi?

    69. Хасанбой Умурзаков

      Griezmann, Dembele, Pjanic, Braithwaite and Neto good 🔥🔥🔥

    70. Anton williams

      We better win this game and not is doing well

    71. Irrick xD

      El partido contra la juve también se pierde...!! 😂

    72. Anjal Ranapaheli

      Unfortunately we only see these attacks in training ground @fc Barcelona

    73. Felipe Lopez

      Pero en los partidos oficiales no hacen ni mierda.

    74. Azrul Hafiz

      Where is messi?

    75. Dilip Shelar

      Dembele 11 gert player in the world & Hope Juventus v Barcelona better play love u BARCA 😊😊😉👍❤💙

    76. Hakim Gombak

      Griezmann, even in training he can't score.

    77. Wonderkid

      puig needs to start

    78. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro

      Muito Bom you tube⚽👏👏👏

    79. Tang Kimsruy

      Dembele is an existing player to watch. 👍

    80. Chipemmi Lungleng

      Pianic is very important

    81. M O

      I beg u dont embarrass us with titles like that. Coz you know when we come up against Juventus we ain't gonna show a masterclass

    82. athul krishna

      I'm still confused whether barcelona were playing the el classico or a pre season friendly

    83. DyuNoMe

      Pjanic will tell juventus secret

    84. Akun Yutub

      Real 3 - 1 barca😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    85. Sajna Saifu

      Pls give chance to puig to prove his talent


      Barca please win this game of tomorrow please...... Always a die hard fan of barca

    87. Ivor Torres

      Muchos goles en los entrenamiento pero en los partidos luego nanai

    88. Jander Franco

      Onde esta o messi nos treinos?

    89. Bharatbhai patel

      Griezmann is doing his best to improve his accuracy

    90. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Vive la Révolution! Chemin vers la Guillotine! Que paguen con cárcel, devolviendo todo lo robado Floreta de Hamelín y sus apesebrados emboscados blancos. No queremos más vividores, ni chaqueteros y lacayos serviles. Ojalá sea verdad después de una larga espera de cinco años. REVOLUCIÓN total desde la cúspide a la base!!! ✊💙❤️

    91. Pedro Henrique


    92. Fakhri Rahman

      Carles Perez by me good player, why leave barca

    93. Jebimon Football

      I want Griezmann to start and score a goal. If you agree with me give a like and subscribe my channel for more videos

    94. Rafael Costa

      Dembele titular por favor

    95. bryan mbeng

      dembele should start

    96. M syachrul Jr

      Neymar is beck

    97. Mansur Mansur

      Masterclass just in train not in real game 👎

    98. King Ram

      Let's get the spirit back

    99. Mansur Mansur

      Barc time finish ! They never be champion again

    100. Good Practice

      Let's do 4-3-3 like old time..