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    We take you on a trip behind the scenes of Barça's amazing victory over Juventus last night at the Allianz Stadium in Turin! See how the events of the evening unfolded in a wonderful night of #UCL football!
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    1. FC Barcelona

      DESCRIBE last night's victory with an EMOJI!! 👇👇👇

      1. Mark Fernandes


      2. Cousins Channel


      3. Gougo Gou


      4. Alen Dangol


      5. Martin BRAITHWITE

        LORD PESSI🤣

    2. Ujjwal Basnet

      guys be ready goat is coming in cam nou u won but karma

    3. زعيم TH

      اول عربي

    4. Ab-_-07 Gg



      I am a real juve fan ( not Ronaldo) cause juve are better without Ronaldo and if ronaldo played juve would have lost anyway cause they didnt have main players so i would proudly say ronaldo is the worst juve player and message to fcb and messi: please humilate just i mean just ronaldo in the second game not juventus just ronaldo

    6. المغاور VIP 父

      اكو عرب بالطياره او عربي

    7. AM619

      U guys won’t have uploaded this videos if Barca lost I dare I support Barca But I am disappointed by u guys Why 4 videos on Barca and juv

    8. John Mark Batu de Guzmán


    9. Bisnu Basnet

      The king ronaldo was absente so the mouse were enjoying NOW THE KING IS BACK 👑

    10. Robinho Frero

      *De jongout,Griezmanout,Piquéout,Robertout*busquetout.



    12. languages channel


    13. jitendra jyani

      Pessi scores another penalty


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    15. Channel N

      Georgina leger is recording again!yay!!

    16. Mariam Said Abdallah

      Bartomeu out

    17. Miguel Ángel Jiménez velez

      Alguien de aquí q hablé español q no entendí nada el vídeo ajjaja

    18. Ilham Dwi Putranto

      She is so sexy

    19. El Chilli

      Aqui está el comentario en español que buscabas

    20. Frange Frange

      She has the best job

    21. 畢。Kenji


    22. Golden Majd

      Dont forget 3-1

    23. Andylucho C

      she has the best job

    24. Jay Phyo

      Y’all lucky cuz Ronaldo got corona

    25. sebastian gonzalez


    26. Rahil king

      After so many years I saw barca in shape . I saw tiki taka ❤️❤️

    27. rime jendeuk

      Yesterday pedri was out of this word He was a masterclass I need to see more Força Barça ♥️💙

    28. Gemmarep .22

      El Bartomeu s'ha anat vamos

    29. Danu Rindhika

      Saludos de viking bobotoh PERSIB INDONESIA PERSIB 🔵⚪ 🇮🇩 BARCELONA 🔴🔵 🇪🇸

    30. Ofigel


    31. Ajay Shinde


    32. Ajay Shinde

      Really a very good performance from griezmann please give him more chances I know he will give his best

    33. JAZIEL

      fue un buen partido del barcelona, pero creo que deveriamos mejorar la defensa

    34. Mohammad Swelem


    35. Paco Alvarez

      but with bayer they wrinkle

    36. Amran Khan

      Nice 👍

    37. I am Shishir

      Game highlights?

    38. Ashwin Mascarenhas

      u guy's won by fluke and call it the best game of the season😂 wait for December Ronaldo will give u glimpses and memories greater than Bayern Munich 😎🔥

      1. Dan

        The dude that took 15ls against Barcelona. Relax. Juventus were shit


      Whats your problem with making fun of Ronaldo in that tweet. 😑😑😑

    40. Xabi Altuna

      Fuera los jugadores de la sopa boba ✊💙❤️

    41. Xabi Altuna

      “El futuro tiene muchos nombres. Para los débiles es lo inalcanzable. Para los temerosos, lo desconocido. Para los valientes es la oportunidad.” Víctor Hugo. Aviso para navegantes, sobre todo para aquellos que optan a la presidencia del Club, ojalá los socios estén siempre alertas ante próximas plagas de vividores, tecnócratas, emboscados, empresarios de bolsillos calientes, comisionistas y demás lacras conocidas, no se puede repetir algo tan fatídico y bochornoso para la entidad. Solo falta que todas las causas pendientes abran el camino del enjuiciamiento de la junta al completo, con el posterior encarcelamiento de Bartomeu y los suyos, que salga a relucir toda la verdad, propia y ajena, con todo lo que conlleva más allá del Club. Pura Mafianistán. 🏴‍☠️ 🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂

    42. Thangminlun Lotjem

      6:10 anyone plz tell me this song🙏🏼🙏🏼

      1. Thangminlun Lotjem

        @Denzil Pires thanks bro 🤝

      2. Denzil Pires

        the songs name is "Il più grande spettacolo dopo il big bang - Jovanotti "

      3. Denzil Pires

        Yes someone pls tell what's the title

    43. Neaz Morshed Reza

      Pjanic & Griezmann seems to have good Friendship in this little period of life!

    44. Om Sharma

      Your twitter tweet was great

    45. JDG14

      Por fin teneis algo que celebrar


      Real very good 🖕🖕

    47. VINAY M

      Dont motivate juventus fc to come back stronger stupid ...stupid admin...we are in transition still...we cant take another banter..forca Barca

    48. IMABLINK I love them


    49. Keni Super Hero

      Who's here after BARTOMEU sacked?!?!?!?!?

    50. Fakhri Rahman

      Pjanic ia back at Turin

    51. Ilias boujada

      Keep that level and upgrade the defence!!!!

    52. AZ ALIEN

      Messi beeeing the coach of the team in the match ,,give his opportunity to team mates .nice messi

    53. ronaldo goat

      Be ready the real goat will be there on 8th dec .. camp nou..

    54. fcb10futbol

      Do more of these

    55. Maa kamakhya

      Time is not over yet 😆 see you next day

    56. ANTONY Jose

      messi rocks!

    57. Leonel Flores

      En Barcelona se habla español o catalán, entonces porque el vídeo es en inglés?, no lo entiendo la verdad.

    58. Good Practice

      They look like best because Juventus was worst.. the question is whether the level is good for Munich club??? In my opinion we need more work

    59. Lionel Alexander

      The mask in your hand will help you a lot ✋ there you put it on when you die from covid 19 you are cute but silly at the same time.

    60. Soham Ghaisas

      They were happy🔵🔴

    61. Chilaquiles Capristrano

      Kick her out she annoying

    62. Anto Erickson

      It was an important win victory for us lads. We are inspired and motivated after bartomeu steps out.

    63. Yakaki Yakaki

      The stunning victory is BARTOMEU IS FINALLY OUT!!!

    64. JAY CEE 48

      Barcelona cô lên Barcelona yêu dấu của mình 💓💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    65. I'm potato

      It's luck your performance worst it's luck

    66. Nadir Nazar

      Don't forget the 2nd leg there will cristiano ronaldo in the next match.... I hope you will lose the match... Because Cr7 is the real goat... 🐐

      1. Nadir Nazar

        @Dan cristiano will prove you how powerful is cristiano than messi

      2. Dan

        U mean the acting🐐. The fraud took 15ls against Barcelona and is failing Juventus

    67. abelpm96 Odalis*96

      Yo no se inglés sigo a un club español y me pone video en inglés y hasta sin traducción joder 😱

    68. Brandy YT

      So happy for barca ❤

    69. Wilfridus Serafinosa


    70. kporfor pius

      Back to our best Visca el Barce

    71. Emmanuel Quarcoo

      AlVARo Morata Do u now understand the match?

    72. DaroonGame

      Mucho Texto

    73. 西本和矢


    74. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    75. 31 RUI HAO, JOTI LIM

      morata score a hatrick of offside goals:)

    76. Ricardo Canizalez

      Poned los subtítulos al español que al final es un equipo de España que no

    77. Suthida Rueangchai


    78. Louis Liebich

      😎😎😂😂😂😘😈😈😈 Skopje Serbia Mes Que Un Club

    79. Godwin Chibueze Ukoha

      I'm in love with the presenter 😍😍❤️

    80. Reza Mohammadi


    81. Ujel bhujel

      No matter how good barca play they will get knocked out in quarter 😂😂😂😂

    82. Rodrigo Figueroa Canido

      In Spanish please

    83. Itzel Brenas

      En dónde puedo ver aunque sea un vídeo del Barcelona en español? De vez en cuándo deberían hacer un vídeo en español.

    84. IconicBotツ

      Let’s be honest we didn’t deserve to win

    85. أبو خالد

      I didn't like our defence. Too many attcks facing our goal!! Also over ten dangerous chances missed from Barcia. Messi made brilliant passes to Griezemann he missed the goal every time. Also Messi missed some easy chances for him. I didn't like the match. The best was the one we scored 4/0 or 5/0 not this match which Barcia was close to lose.

    86. XPRIME 10

      Bartomeu ou... oh wait he's out yaaay

    87. Elput0 Amo

      Picado el barça 🐐⚽️🔥

    88. David Xaiver Lewis

      Griezman out!

    89. Francesco king

      Barcellona campeon

    90. Crazy Guy Humour

      If you guys have balls leave Messi alone and try to play like a man not act like PUSSY holding on one player who have done enough for the club all this years.. Instead Barca should be thankful with him afterall he have done for the team...!! Scared of losing one player and considering the best team in the world..!! Shit man...

    91. Nelly Hernandez


    92. Amadou Kelly

      Barça 💙❤💥💥

    93. yassin Fkih


      1. D a n i e l S o s a

        Vardrid 2014 2016 2017 2018 robos en finales

    94. TheLegend1008ヅ

      Bartemou left and Barcelona won in a stadium where they have not won once? Coincidence I Think Not

    95. Pennywise

      big NOSE backk

    96. German Kasay

      Supongo que ahora si Koeman dejará de llorar sobre el arbitraje.

    97. Mohnad Bnnu

      Visca barcelona🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤

    98. EIAD GAMER


    99. GR-Tco'03

      very happy with the Barca performance . Bartemou Out! Finaly . Visca Barca ❤️ 💙

    100. BR AVO