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FC Barcelona

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    After a rest day, Ronald Koeman's squad have returned to training on Monday to continue their preseason. Pjanic and Todibo traning individually in line with La Liga protocol.
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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. ayman koora


      2. Ameer Masmali


      3. koplo keliru

        Buy depay

      4. Reda Ali Alsady


      5. andi esn

        I am hope my Child will become footballer at Barca team on 2034

    2. The Only Rimon King

      What's the songs name?

    3. chí đăng

      I hope barca will champions c1

    4. Dhruop Kumar Das

      can anyone plz give the name of the music

    5. King Nash

      The first song is Diamond Breed by Leo Eli & shumba.

    6. Osman Gazi


    7. JOHAN GAMER1033

      What is the name of the song at the beginning, they tell me, thank you for downloading it myself

    8. sansar tanti

      Messi beat other defence but he can't beat me & score

    9. Tony Focaccina allo Shampoo

      Messi go to free next year GG Barca

    10. Khánh Phạm


    11. Just SadBoy

      song name ?

    12. Just SadBoy

      pls name ?

    13. Veti 24


    14. emad ahmad

      Bgm name??

    15. F T

      TRAINING TO GET 8-2 😂😂😂

    16. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba. Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba. Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba. Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba. Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba. Con toda la pandilla de mangantes blancos y jugadores vividores de la sopa boba.

    17. Clout Gangster

      They’ll embarrassingly concede to Bayern again watch😂😂😂😂

    18. Nawaz Khan

      Dembele will be "The Star" this season.

    19. saulito


    20. يوسف العراقي yousif Aliraqi

      I am sorry that Suarez will be leaving Barcelona.

    21. Javier Barragan

      odio a messi

    22. Devil Biswo

      That random person,,,,"""who liked my Comments 😭😭 l pray ""may you and your parents live more than 100 years🙏🙏❤️💛

    23. thinesh_kumar

      Does anyone know whats the name of the 1st song?

    24. Ådne Gamst-Eriksen

      Get Bartomeu out, we want Barca back. Més que un club, more like barely a club!!

    25. बिच प्लीज़

      I guess having 10M subs has gotten over their head, I don't want this mumble rap, I want to hear the actual sound over this, or a minimalist instrumental. Second track is much much better, but I'd still prefer even milder version.

    26. TOP 10 FACT-CITY

      Suarez is there.. Yesssssss BTW Bartemeu out

    27. GT Games Player


    28. Irfan Kurniawan

      background music is better than bartomeu:v

    29. F T


    30. rooney wayne

      How do you feel Barca?

    31. James Bo


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    33. Rojal Shakya

      agaun 8 2 gonna haopen

    34. puts it in


    35. Athmav Gaming

      One day the best deam is barcalona but now

    36. Thanh Nguyen TV


    37. رحمة السعدون

      أحلا فريق 😘

    38. Victor Gonzalez

      Who tf decided it was a good idea to put this music?

    39. João Victor

      Vamo barça👌😍😍😍😍

    40. 국밥

      i love you bartomeu

    41. judair pm

      ഇന്ന് കളിക്കാനാണ് പറ്റോ

    42. Sambad Nembang

      We dont need striker we need defence

    43. Michael Davis

      Like of you see Phillip Coutinho at Barcelona training session

    44. Sanjenbam Sadananda

      Same fraud defenders.. get roberto out from d club

    45. Lansana kamara Aguero

      How can I have this music

    46. Arjunshaji 0532

      Malayalies like adich power kanik

    47. Yoluti Pala

      ❤❤❤❤❤ my barca

    48. ZoUsE ZoUsE

      Memphis de paye alcantara skriniar gaya belléren

    49. AlexanderFF2020

      Y ter stegen ????????

    50. AlexanderFF2020

      Primera ves que veo que el FC Barcelona pone música de fondo en sus videos 👍

    51. Fernando Marcos

      Can somebody tell me whats the song's name

    52. Flaming Hassan

      The game is the most important great training

    53. T Blanco

      Barcelona keeps getting players for any position but defense.. great,expect another terrible season and then blame it on the forwards lol

    54. Gassar Pub


    55. Santiago Hernandez

      Messi still training like he doesn’t want to be there... slow and sluggish for some reason

    56. shpellari king

      Stop smoking marijuana DJ.....

    57. Un cule mas VB

      ¿A qué esperas para la reconstrucción? Luis Suárez, Arturo Vidal, Semedo, Umtiti, Braithwaite y Rafinha están fuera y debemos aprovechar las situaciones en las que se encuentran los contratos de los jugadores Memphis Depay, Thiago Alcántara, Eric García y Héctor Bellerín El club está muy por encima de los jugadores , que es que no quieren irse.🔵🔴💪

    58. Un cule mas VB

      What are you waiting for for reconstruction? Luis Suárez, Arturo Vidal, Semedo, Umtiti, Braithwaite and Rafinha are out and we must take advantage of the situations in which the contracts of the players Memphis Depay, Thiago Alcántara, Eric García and Hector Bellerín find themselves The club is far above the players, which is that they don't want to leave.🔵🔴💪

    59. Luigi Youtube

      Mi querido ter stegen me entristece no poder verte entrenar :(

    60. Ismael Reyes

      Pique ya no sirve en la defensa votenlo al menos que quieran seguir humillados con un 8-2 otravez.

    61. flcmessi

      Nice video horrible music

    62. Ana Eleven

      Who the f*ck are in charge for music choosing? Wtf is this music? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    63. Sharad Mohip

      willl u post some less irritating background music ...... Stueps.... not just the board seems to be messed up ...but even your stupid media manager

    64. CARCHI FF


    65. Hamza الرسام


    66. Night

      what's the music called



    68. SKR Boom

      What ever happens if ousmane dembele get back to his magical form then barcelona is ready for their next chapter. Imagine dembele flying through the wings with messi to support and greizmann coutinho and suarez waiting inside the box. Cracks and fire all around🔥 He is such an impact player if he is fit to play the whole season without injuries.

    69. Pandoxar Josepha

      Hard work 👌🏾

    70. Pandoxar Josepha

      They training well working hard.

    71. Jdsg Jfdfu


    72. Ronnie Leo

      Watching Suarez try to control a ball gives me headaches

    73. Arda Senkal

      Vamos barca 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

    74. JBFCBPL

      ...:::MESSI!:::... ...:::MESSI!:::... ...:::MESSI!:::...

    75. Alexander Ramirez

      These songs y’all be picking for the background they are trash bruh! Like stop.

    76. Abir ahamed

      Suarez is still fat. 😒😑

    77. LivePick

      wtf is this music tho

    78. Arham Muhammad

      Hahahahahaha."THE 1st TEAM IN FOOTBAL RETURNS "😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂in yourself barca

    79. Richárd Bukovinszky

      Wow...the most disgusting music i have ever heard! Visca 😅

    80. Aida Necib

      Memphis depay 😃🇳🇱

    81. Yaya Diallo

      Très cool

    82. Can i get 1 sub before 2021

      👆 To the 1% who's reading this Stay safe,god bless you and have a wonderful day!💙⏪

    83. Manraj Gurung

      Everywhere talent 😀 just need good defender

    84. BRYAN M.C

      Saquen al gordo de suarez porfavor ya no pinta ahí el tóxico

    85. Afri Adi

      Mantap, mantap 😌😌 Visca Barca 😎😎😎😎

    86. pepe shmurda

      What is name of the song pls

    87. Michel Boileau

      Name of the song ?

    88. Gabriel Pedro S.

      Pobre Messi.. En un Club en el que no quiere estar. Un Asco los Valores del Barcelona..

    89. Killzone *


    90. Mike

      So Suarez is still at trainings?

    91. Ryan Moran

      This talk of Depay has me so frustrated!!! Our first preseason game showed us something very important and that is we have depth in the forward and midfielder roles. I cant possibly fathom why on earth we think it's a good idea to add another striker into that mix without fixing the defense that we have watched progressively get worse and worse year after year! This is unacceptable and every time we change managers we all think this will be the change, finally some direction and no.. We get another manager who looks to benefit his countrymen instead of putting what little bit of coin we have in the right direction!!!! Where is Eric Garcia??? Where is Sergino Dest???? Where is Upamecano???? FRUSTRATING!!! We need more voices to talk about our defense until us fans are heard! (Also just to be clear, I am a fan of Koeman and wish him all the success but I think Messi is correct when he says no real direction and a sporting vision. We are investing in the wrong players for what WE NEED!)

    92. Alerxz twist kid

      That song is a Nigerian song right?

    93. Valeska Valverde

      pongan a correr a Luis Suárez 😂

    94. Ahmed Almulhim

      I don't think that messi is happy staying in FCB

    95. Darth Elius


    96. Arwin 93

      Visca Barca 🙏🙏🙏

    97. José Valladares

      ¿Y los fichajes de buenos defensas para cuando? ¿acaso piensan seguir con esa defensa actual que es un fiasco? al parecer será otra temporada malisima.

    98. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    99. Vernon Sierer

      FC Barcelona should stop listening to Messi and Pique this season. They are not coaches. If the entire team plays like a unit and listens to the coach, maybe we might win this time.

    100. A J

      What is the name of the song

      1. A J

        Me giving myself reply