THE APP YOU USE THE MOST?? | NELSON SEMEDO #90secondschallenge

FC Barcelona

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    Nelson Semedo took the #90secondschallenge last August. Here's how he did. We wish you the very best Nelson!! Thank you and good luck.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      Best of luck Nelson 💙❤️

      1. sam s'n

        A chaque fois que le Barça fera des conneries comme celle ci elle sera toujours éliminer . Prenez des exemples sur le Bayern , l'ajax . Trssuuu

      2. Saladito Picante

        Semedo!!! Semedooooooo semedoooo que grande semende :'(

      3. Soy Loco

        nst_CHIPZ exactly I work hard btw do u think I can go pro

      4. nst_CHIPZ

        OL David imagine blaming jus him for a match u 🤡🤡.go on the pitch and play urself

      5. Angek Gomez

        Vista Coinciden Ganó

    2. Lukeyron

      Y se fue

    3. Gaming World

      Wtf this video has more views than suarez's farewell😯

    4. Rafaél Carrillo


    5. Enriqve14

      Más perdida esa entrevistadora.

    6. Martin Yordanov

      I need that girl's insta for..... research purposes

    7. Samuel V

      A las semanas se fue jaja

    8. Gretchen Alicea

      They need to get messi

    9. Carlos Marcelo

      Para cuando messi?

    10. Mohammed AbdelSalam Helaly

      What is the name of the girl???

    11. Carl Johnson

      Por que nunca entrevistan a messi?

    12. pes gaming

      Ask mesi

    13. Inthox 91

      F por semedo

    14. Anass Tourkzi

      haha losers

    15. jopro-Roblox, Soccer and more

      why's this video still up?

    16. Mateo Saavedra

      Por qué entrevistan a jugadores de otro equipo? Sinvergüenzas

    17. Mentefria23

      Nelson Semeout xD

    18. Jadon Sancho

      Who is also here when he has changed to Wolves?

    19. Luxurydog

      This man like Dragon Ball Z and listens to Travis Scott? What a great guy, good luck at Wolves.

    20. Julkarnaeen Araf

      I wish him all the best in the English Premier League with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    21. Platon Kovalev Official

      Who's Here After Semedo Move To Portugese Army In England Wolverhampton Wanderers

    22. Clank's Deep Mind

      Why did they sell you ? 😢

    23. Daniel Rodrigues

      I pitty wolves

    24. sancheztrnka

      I don’t support Barcelona FC,but it is the best club Chanell

    25. xxkevin021

      Ty good luck 2 ❤️💙

    26. Tech Evolution

      When Messi will come here

    27. Snumber10

      man said travis scott butterfly effects he knows man

    28. Zafar Malik

      Barcelona channel's editors are legends...😂😂 'That cat on the keyboard'...! 😁😂

    29. Bokeron LQ

      La camiseta de este año es preciosa

    30. Adam Bělohlávek


    31. dipu thangjam

      Favorite TV series? Prison break Nice choice ❤️

    32. vojake100

      Suerte en Inglaterra, Semedo. Tantas cosas que estan pasando, es dificil enfocarse en todo. No te supieron dar el apoyo que ocupabas para dar tu mejor, pero ojala te vaya bien con Wolves y el Barca aprenda de sus errores. Gracias!

    33. jose anleu

      This guy deserved to go to a top leave team. I hope someone on premier league help him to get out of wolves

    34. Iván CA.

      No me duele... me lastima

    35. Rebeka yismin


    36. Bruno Lazo

      necesitamos uno de Messi

    37. Sara Maligno

      Do an ask Messi!!!!!!!!

    38. Zape Rizzz

      0:43 was that Tom asmr?

    39. Razif yuga

      Ramudeng leee"

    40. TheMr Dude

      Good luck Nelson have a great time in England with your fellow Portuguese players 🙏♥️💙

    41. Reggie Milla

      Respect to you Semedo! 👊You were coming up to be the top confident and aggressive player for Barca. 👍 I know you will do greater things in the future ✌

    42. I Enjoy Life

      Bartomeu out

    43. I Enjoy Life

      Having a cute female doing these fun interviews hiding how shit and rotten the club has become.. this is a perfect cover up to try and show how great the team morale is and that they’re a big family.. truth is it’s not and it’s not been like that for ages.. remember few years ago where it was like that.. Thank bartomeu for it.. Bartomeu out

    44. danel84 xd

      Obviamente griezmann es el mejor

    45. SIDAF

      I swear I thought he died

    46. Sebastián Aguilar

      F Por qué se fue

    47. Aadarsh.T. Suresh

      Hope he shines at Wolves 🤩🔥

    48. Francisco Martinez

      So Semedo did this and know he’s gone. Let’s get Bartomeu in this so that he can finally leave tf out...

    49. Samuel Velas

      La última entrevista

    50. Zero Two

      Luis Suarez on that list made me sad because he’s not with us anymore 😭

    51. TransdsX - Roblox

      Why u sell this players they were good idiots

    52. Dipesh Magar

      useless player of barca history

    53. ByCris 14


    54. NBAMG

      Still dizzy from aphonso Davies

    55. Ivan Đerek

      Thanks for everything you've done for Barcelona. Good luck in Wolverhampton!

    56. Roger Fonseca

      que ridiculos son, cuando ya lo vendieron

      1. ByCris 14

        Ya ves

    57. Okura

      EL BACALAOOO!!!!!

    58. Xperuko 148

      Esta en el wolves

    59. Mohammed Al Abdulrazzaq

      nice, now we have become a club that sells starting lineup that we trained for years, and to whom you ask? wolves.... get third place in cl groups and play against wolves and have them trash barca 8-2 like bayern did and have semedo score two goals and one assist.

    60. Bagas Ar

      Bartomeu bangsat

    61. bitegoatie

      Bartomeu out, board out - elections now.

    62. AsH NA-!R

      Then buy new cb dayot upamecano.. next season buy Alphonso Davies or new lb.. plzzz

    63. AsH NA-!R

      Put coutinho at cam.. but new lw!! Neymar/depay.. but for now loan in Kingsley coman!!

      1. AsH NA-!R

        He will have chemistry with coutinho(coman

    64. AsH NA-!R

      Buy ricardo pereira!! Plzzz

    65. AsH NA-!R

      Ask messi

    66. lol


    67. Ian Mworia

      How come Messi doesn't do this youtube videos?

    68. Leandro Quiroz

      No le das la mas minima verguenza al subir esto?un jugador que no merecia salir despues de 3 temporadas; mientras jugadores que no sirven como SERGI ROBERTO que llevan aqui no sé desde cuando y no han servido más que para un gol al PSG y encima uno de los capiranes por encima de Marc....

    69. otteri nari

      ask messi and he'll say shut your mouth

    70. Exauce Mayunga

      When he said Goku, I had to give the video a like😁

    71. Cristian Gomez

      Honestly, I never liked the way semedo played.

    72. Govind Painsiya

      This is bullshit , he is one of the best Right backs

    73. angel eduardo rangel gonzalez

      Me ayudarías con mi velocidad?

    74. Rise in Thunder

      Best of luck nelson u r an awesome player hope u suceed at wolves

    75. Moises Enrique Chamorro Ca

      Ya no vas a vivir serca de artulo vidal ahora jajaja

    76. Guitar Boi

      Wow Alphonso Davies really did ruin his career at barca O.o

    77. _mr_ gaucho

      Do you english

    78. Moises Florez


    79. Ariana Charran

      Please do one of these with Messi

    80. justrueit

      when will messi do this challange ...

    81. Ghayath Mosab

      And where’s the legend: Lm10

    82. Max Jr Rojas Navarro

      La concha de la lora

    83. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Vive la Révolution! Chemin vers la Guillotine! Que paguen con cárcel, devolviendo todo lo robado Floreta de Hamelín y sus apesebrados emboscados blancos. No queremos más vividores, ni chaqueteros y lacayos serviles. Ojalá sea verdad después de una larga espera de cinco años. REVOLUCIÓN total desde la cúspide a la base!!! ✊💙❤️

    84. Gabriel Velásquez


    85. Alex

      90 seconds before he go nice

    86. nawa haji

      Bartomeo out.....

    87. Ismael Fernandes

      Ate que fim esse cara saiu do Barcelona, já não aguentava mais ver ele voltando a bola pra trás sem um pingo de criatividade. Já vai tarde !

    88. Sareer Khan

      Visca el barca

    89. Sareer Khan

      Thank you and good luck

    90. SKYFALL


    91. 3ali GAMING

      the 4 best player in the team and you just let him go he's better than roberto

    92. Al Ali

      He is leaving because Davies ended his career

    93. Derek Hryncz

      Bartoneu out

    94. Dragón Ball Oficial

      Si Goku

    95. Alex Alex

      This blonde woman is so annoying!😒

    96. Catalin Casian

      so weird seeing him in a Barca shirt now that he signed for Wolves

    97. Arash Armun

      Semedo all the best in wolves

    98. ZodiackGamer17

      Can you please tell the whole girl cast name you use.

    99. dlack sonic

      Welcome to wolves 😁😁

    100. Hoang Quoc Khanh

      Hope u the best Nelson