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    Enjoy the best goals of by the Barça women's team (Barça Femení) of the year.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      Did you know that the Barça women’s team is turning 50 today?? 🤩😍⚽️

      1. Kevin Zaka

        Neymar, Suarez come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE and Xavi coach

      2. Adam Amine

        هيعريتبخث هيكيحييككك٠ؤحؤترع

      3. Antoinne Griezmann

        Congrats barcelona female team

      4. Culers Live

        they are older than me by almost two years

      5. Dimitrij Zloj

        Банки огонь

    2. Matthew Velez

      Still better than lenglet

    3. 西本和矢


    4. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    5. Sa Sa

      I love my country very much🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶'aswad alrrafidayn🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶Lions of Mesopotamia

    6. Holasoylucky 1998


    7. Huda Khalifa

      Team matters ladies Barcelona better than men

    8. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro

      Muito Bom you tube ⚽👏👏👏

    9. betty3 hollsk


    10. James Swabra

      Wow Amazing🤘👑

    11. Mpilo3nhle _3ll3n

      They score such lovely goals🔥🔥

    12. Yaiza Guanche

      Catalanas felicidades visca barsa

    13. Sahad Muhammed

      Good work

    14. JaDoLiVe- ÖmEr


    15. guppo26

      Some very impressive goals for sure. Also, an incredibly annoying amount of " goal goal goal goal goal goalgoalgoalgoal"

    16. LM10

      better than our mens football 😂

    17. Jonathan De La Peña

      Mamacitas 😍👏🏻💪🏻💙❤️💙❤️


      los unicos golazos para mi fueron eñ 7,5,3,2 y el1 el resto muy normales

    19. вαяcєlσиαツ

      Caroline ❤❤

    20. Abdulrahman Alalawi

      Barcelona, ​​the Spanish football club, is distinguished. I love you, Ianadi Barcelona, ​​Spain.



    22. Ivan J

      Les't go women 😍

    23. ?

      A mi me gusta el Barsa de hombres como Messi, fatty

    24. spider S M A

      استممممممر يا جدعان

    25. Aitor Gamboa

      En HUESCA la gente es muy falsa envidiosa y mala. A la cara son amables y por detras te joden. Si yo estoy mal tu tienes que estar peor pero a la cara soy tu amigo.

    26. Habib Ansari

      Please Upload For Of Fcb Femeni Content....They Deserve The Recognition 👍

    27. monkeyseb123

      one of the weakest highlight reals i’ve seen

    28. Culers Live

      Our beautiful ladies... If only the men were consistent as them...

    29. Lidia Reyes


    30. Seba _2060

      El 2 es por los dos goles que le hizo el barsa al bayern gracias al gran idiota de quique setien?

    31. Carlitos Elmar cianito

      Half of these goals are just normal goals

    32. Gerard Fabregat guerra

      Merry chritsmas ane a happy new yier 👍👍🎅

    33. Ann Solomon


    34. xalkhuzairix 111


    35. messiking hernandez

      they suck Messi better

    36. Monika Shrinet

      They are good

    37. To ReĐa

      From iraq with love 🌴🇮🇶♥️ *Força Barça 🔴🔵*

    38. To ReĐa

      *¹Leo Messi has 644 goals* in 749 games for Barcelona *²Pelé has 643 goals* in 757 matches with Santos

      1. Culers Live

        @VMR no need to call him an idiot fam

      2. VMR

        these are made up stats idiot The correct stats: Pele: 643 Goals in 653 games Messi: 644 goals in 749 games

    39. ZOAMAE -AZX

      Need is Di marye and Nyimar

    40. Greatest of all time.

      How many of you will wish for Barcelona Champions league win this Christmas?

      1. Culers Live


    41. David Santamaria

      Wtf bro 57 :2 Goal Difference

    42. Nishan Neyohang

      The league is like Cake Walk for them.

    43. Mohsahra Mohsahra

      Visca Barcelona

    44. Vlad Floca

      Can i have a ♥️

    45. Sara Cc

      Better than men's team

      1. George Murad

        Thats funny

    46. Camilo Maya

      Me encanta ver esto chicas jugando un deporte que amo y haciendo estos golazos la verdad que enamora

    47. ANNA FF



      Merry Christmas Barcelona!! ❣🌟🌟🎄🎄🎊🥳 .....you are more than just a football club 😀.... your support for both the men's and women's teams is just amazing!!

    49. maxy

      Frohe Weihnachten. 🎄

    50. Răzvan

      Where is Griezmann?

    51. JCUBER

      nice one

    52. Stela Pentheroudaki

      I support them and I really love them! Let's goooo

    53. BIMAL

      ok must of you dont know but this team has sored 57 goals in 10 matches and only conceded 2...😱😮

    54. Dr Diabolical

      I want Barca to win in Men and Women champions league.

      1. VMR

        You can do it without referees help though

    55. Aditya Raut

      Let me share some stats about women's barca team( although few cares) MP W L D Barca 10 10 0 0 RM 13 9 1 3 ATM 13 8 3 2 'Tis the season to wish one another joy and love and peace. These are my wishes for you, Merry Christmas our dear friends, may you feel the love this special day. May this festive season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round. Merry Christmas!❄ 💙❤

      1. Aqif Zafran Lubis Bin Khalid

        Atleast better than main barca

      2. Aqif Zafran Lubis Bin Khalid


    56. bhupin dhimal

      Barça forever💖💖

    57. Football Penalty

      BARÇA 😍⚽️

    58. Supratik

      Can someone of them play for men's team?

      1. George Murad


    59. GOAT

      ♀️50 YEARS🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵

    60. Devyani Kanvinde

      I thought that was Griezmann on the thumbnail..😂👌

      1. Thegreatyt 101


    61. Akmal Teshayev

      They more better than man 🤦‍♂️

    62. Moe Breezy

      We need more of the ladies. Let’s become the greatest men and women to play soccer

      1. George SH Sitorus

        Football lol

      2. Ü • 123 years ago

        Our womans team is very good since they almost always make it far in womens ucl. I dont watch much womans football (i really like the world cups though) but i do know that teams like wolfburg are beast and the womans barca team only lose to the very best

      3. Moe Breezy

        VMR Arabs*^ but hehe at least I’m a real fan you a real idiot

      4. Culers Live


      5. Danny Ramirez Garrido

        Mr TOUGH who cares tbh

    63. Fikri29

      Lieke Martens is my favorite female player😍🔥

    64. Mike Thought

      Where is Griezman?

    65. Robinson Salcedo

      Espectácular goles del Barcelona femenino 2020 feliz navidad y año nuevo seguir adelante con esa calidad de fútbol

    66. Najiyya Shirin

      WOW! The goal by Mariona Caldentey was amazing! 2:52 Thank you Barca for posting a great video!

    67. Ifraax Cabdiraxmaan

      I would like to be among them Love uh barca womens💐🌻

    68. Prashant Sagar


    69. Aayus Pokhrel

      Better finish and intensity than male Barcelona team. Girls are so hungry..... I saw one of their game i was shocked.....

    70. Siddhant Awale


    71. Siddhant Awale

      More than half people of wrld watch only boys football

    72. Magic Skills

      MAN !!!!🔥🔥🔥 Imma watch the women's team🤩⚽️



    74. Abhiram Editz

      Good thing that there are no "no one cares " comments here😂

      1. Culers Live


      2. Dina B

        I like that, anyway those who don’t care aren’t obligated to play the video

      3. GHOST

        No one cares😂😂

      4. Delayed Creator

        This ain't BRfootball lol

    75. Jagat Ale


    76. Andi Marditillah Tirta Kusuma

      Their finishing are better than griezmann

    77. Devansh Sharma

      Barca women team rocks hoping to cam champions league this time less gooo

    78. meshal 10

      Wait what....women football????. 🤪🤣

    79. Albin k jojan


    80. Amar Rawat

      Wowo I hope to play barcha

    81. Erling Haaland

      I'm Halland and this is my PAprom channel.

    82. ER Barca

      Barca ഫാൻസ്‌ ഒന്ന് സപ്പോർട്ട് ചെയ്യാമോ

    83. Balabhadra Behera

      Merry Christmas....... Barca Bulgarian.....

    84. Valen PlayZ

      *Merry Chirstmas to who us Reading this And Also BARÇELONA FC*

    85. Eric Ja

      Mery xmas barca🎅⚽🌲

    86. Dina B

      El contenido que merecemos. Gracias 👑💙❤️

    87. TheGhostReacher

      Womens Team is playing like when I play Career mode on FIFA

      1. George Murad

        Not saying anything about the womans just u can't compare Re the 2. If womans team were as good as men's there wouldn't be a pay gap since there more watchers then and they would play with teh men's and not get separated

      2. George Murad

        Doesn't mean anything. They are facing way easier teams. The usa womans team( world cup champioj) lost like 5 2 to u 17 mens usa after world cup.

      3. ZynXc

        @Danny Ramirez Garrido in terms of their respective leagues the women’s team is having a much better season. They are literally top of the table.

      4. Danny Ramirez Garrido

        VMR the fact that you know nothing about football 😂😂💩💩

      5. VMR

        Women’s team >>>> Men’s team

    88. sangeeta rai

      I wish that the men’s team would be as good as the women’s team

    89. Hatim Zouzaraly

      Merry Christmas to the best club ever♥️

    90. Lifeline Bangalore

      What is their position in the league table?

      1. Lifeline Bangalore

        @Dina B Nice

      2. Dina B

        Top 1 even though 3 of their games were postponed

    91. Daniel do Nascimento

      Feliz natal!!!

    92. الكابتن عبدالله السميعي

      messi like مًرحًبًآ قُنِآتٌکْ حًلَوٌةّ زٍرتٌهّآ وٌآشُتٌرکْتٌ 😍 وٌمًنِتٌظُر مًنِکْ آيَ جّدٍيَدٍ 😍 فُيَآلَيَتٌ تٌردٍ آلَآشُتٌرآکْ وٌتٌزٍوٌر قُنِآتٌيَ لَنِدٍعٌمً بًعٌضنِآ🌷 يَآلَغُآلَيَ😘 لَدٍيَ فُيَ قُنِآتٌيَ 26آلَفُ مًشُآهّدٍةّ وٌسِآدٍعٌمًکْ إنِ شُآء آلَلَهّ♥😻هّيَآ😍...

    93. Akshatt Singh

      Força Barça 💙❤

    94. luca GermaCost

      30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    95. Mr Soccer

      I am very early

    96. parsa pro

      Forca barca!!!!

    97. Alan Pang

      Where is Griezmann?

      1. Culers Live

        nice try

    98. Maede Mpk

      Hero girls💙♥💪🏼

    99. parsa pro

      They are better than the men team pets dont lie