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    Luis Suárez's stage at Barça is over but his legacy will be eternal. The Uruguayan forward is leaving after "six spectacular and wonderful years" in which he has become part of the history of the club. The third highest scorer couldn't contain the tears in his farewell speech. “I am very proud of everything I did. My children have seen me score goals, win trophies and play alongside extraordinary players and above all alongside the best player in the world,” said the man from Salto.
    Excited and looking forward, he also expressed his gratitude to the Barça fans: “I want to thank the fans, who have given me a lot of love. I will not forget that. I'd also like thank all the staff for their hard work everyday. I want to let them know that I am always going to be one more culer wherever I go."
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    1. Afsheen Imran

      Miss msn end

    2. Dilame Beyene

      I hate this guy with all of my heart and I stop watching soccer because of him.....😡

    3. El_Pollito Warrio219 Sotelo

      He went a biter to our best legendary strikers in Barcelona along side Ronaldo fenómeno First we had to let out our legendary defender our 5 Second we had to let out our legendaries midfielders our 6 and 8 Now we had to let out our legendary striker our number 9 Now our legendary CAM,RW,CF,F9, the reason I love Barca,has a lot of ball n dor s and our legendary 10 best number 10 along side Ronaldinho

    4. Imre Gál


    5. Flyzer Fox

      Messi : it's been a long day without you my friend and I will tell you about it when I see u again 💔😫

    6. Amitava Samanta

      Why he is leaving? Can any one tell me

    7. Vasi

      Sad to see him kicked out no fucking respect for a legendary player

    8. AKM


    9. Oisin

      Dumb fans and dumb President. Sorry Suarez

    10. Patryk Grablewski

      Luis is increlible for Barca fans . Gracie Luisem.

      1. Patryk Grablewski


    11. Sh Tajinang country boy

      Suarez miss you

    12. Ibrahim Ahmad

      Bartomeu ibn el kalb

    13. Alberto Corona-Jaikel

      We’re going to miss you Suarez

    14. Caйха Турсунова


    15. KingMJ Wins

      2005-2012 M 🇦🇷 2013-M 🇦🇷 N 🇧🇷 2014-M 🇦🇷 S 🇺🇾 N 🇧🇷 2017-M 🇦🇷 S🇺🇾 2020 M 🇦🇷 2021-..........

    16. J C

      They did not give a dam about luis they are trying to act like the victim but in reality Messi... Messi is the victim he won't be able to get better without his friend. It is a sad day for Messi and a horrible day for Barcelona.

    17. lobsang tsetan

      Sir plz put subtitles we can't know what our super star player talking

    18. Esa Khan

      Extremely sad moment for him to leave barcelona.

    19. Iwan Kurniawan

      The trued reason is...when u have a coach from Netherlands, all Players not from Europe 90% must out..n change Players just only from Europe mostly from all Players mostly from brasil, Argentina, Uruguay etc...not have change n grow up their talent....just how to make Europe team go to the top i right????


      Puto Bartomeu

    21. Trí Tép


    22. Gairanglung kameih Samson

      Come back Luis Suarez bfor ua tme

    23. Sohaib Fazal

      He has set a benchmark for upcoming strikers at barca and that too very high

    24. Default is Deanfault


    25. Julkarnaeen Araf


    26. جعفر خخ فاضل

      جعفر فاضل

    27. imFA7ISbiitch ł

      Ok, it's been 2 weeks now, finally had enough courage to watch this.. As expected, this is so f*ckin' heart- wrenching, so this is what it is, after 6 years they just thrown him off guard, f*ck! He doesn't deserve this, all those hardworks deserves to be rewarded with some kind of recognition, by that I mean to keep him around. Instead those fools showed nothing but disrespect by getting rid of him... This is some high grade bullshit. So fuckin hating right now.

    28. alan duncan

      🤔 he should have stayed. His numbers were good last season. It doesn't make sense to me to get rid of your number 9 and play with three number 10's in Coutinho, Messi and Griezmann. You need the striker playing up front.

    29. Jawan Hazara

      at the end of the day, it is all about business as usual. clubs only think about how to stay on top and build young new generation. even though Suarez is an epic player and goal scorer, Barcelona really need a deep restructuring and rejuvenation. don't cry Suarez, at least you have a roof on top of your head and don't have to worry about money and survival, unlike most of the people on this planet. everywhere you go, your fans know your contributions to the world football that entertained us all. best of luck.

    30. Jeremiah Caleb Henry

      That last match with Bayern Munich, if Suarez hadn’t shot a goal, just imagine the team score.. would have been worser 🤦🏻‍♂️

    31. Hassn dz16


    32. Yasar Yıldırım


    33. Pema Angya Gurung

      Love legend

    34. Hemangi Kad

      Why did you sent him to atletico 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

    35. Arnith Ban

      Where is your MSN I miss it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭???????

    36. PemaRenzin Sherpa

      We always miss you Suarez ❤️❤️❤️😢

    37. andeng cippo

      RESPECT ;(

    38. Cleyton Mandlate

      U messed up bad barca, now messi will get even more pushed to leave the club.why him? Why BUT WHY????

    39. Lionel Messigician

      BARTOMEU Auoooot and koman 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 fa più comon lui tu Barcelona and neymar

    40. Chimedza

      Why would you write tour title in English when there is no English interpreter. Thats dumb. Not even subtitles

    41. Safiya Ali

      L Suarez legend of barcelona🏆🏆



    43. Raynaki Gaming

      No suarez=No Win

    44. madanmohan mintu

      The best striker of his generation without a doubt

    45. Levis. H

      such a shame. I was expecting Barcelona to bring Edinson Cavani and make a dream team: Messi, Suarez and Cavani. a lost opportunity. and to give up on a world class striker like Suarez is infuriating and shameful. this looks like he just was kicked out from Barca. a legendary player disrespected by Barca president and busines managers. and Barcelona haven't won a Champions League trophy for over 5 years now. another bad look on the club.

    46. Anand Koonjul

      man crying like that after biteting so many men 😂😂😂😂

    47. Anand Koonjul

      u did not cry that much when u leave liverpool what special in barca oh messi hmm messi

    48. //JAMAL DJOO جمال دجوو


    49. Tomas carreira


    50. Y&M Vids

      He will never be forgotten

    51. pokerface

      Msn:2020 Ms:2017.. M:2020. 2021:...

    52. femi e

      2015 is a year we will never forget in FC Barcelona. El Pistolero!

    53. Champ boy Dk

      Nooooooooooooooo i am Big fan To hem❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

    54. M Fazel Mohammadi


    55. Nika Afia


    56. Thoibi 2020

      Love you Suarez

    57. Diego Lopez

      Hopefully the next president will give him a right farewell

    58. Aritra Bhanja

      Farewell Suarez thanks for everything ♥️😢

    59. Captain Montoya

      Im not even a Barca Fan and this breaks my heart

    60. FPP The cousins


    61. wgrbqe !

      Bartomeu out!

    62. Johannes Tshabalala


      1. Rony Bro

        Selling Suarez was necessary to make place for Fati

    63. Sameer Kashyap

      We bitched about Casillas. Barcelona didn't do Suarez any better.

    64. MovieBuff

      Every time I see a person wearing a mask, I realize how incapable people of this generation has become to recognize a rogue country. A rogue country which: - Creates a deadly virus and spreads it across the world through human carriers - Hides death toll numbers from WHO to let it spread - Sells (not donates) faulty medical equipment to countries, putting the lives of its frontline doctors in danger When the whole world is fighting coronavirus, it is: - Committing human right violations against its own citizens - Not letting Muslims to practice their religion - Bullying small countries - Encroaching on land and seas of neighboring countries - Stealing intellectual property - Arresting reporters and banning media - Trapping weak countries through high interest debt Are we all going to just witness this bully to dominate the whole world and do nothing. FOR HOW LONG????

    65. Gabe Logan


    66. Ken Takudzwa Bvuma

      I supported Barca coz of you man..You are the best..Good luck wherever you are going..

    67. Syzygy

      Barca is going to die if Messi leaves it it will totally lost.

      1. Rony Bro

        He will leave next season. We have to just move on. Fati is promising. Hope instead of buying other players, we will promote our own players

    68. A M

      Barcelona should have treated Suarez's departure with more respect. This club has forgotten how to treat its Legends.

    69. Bendangwati Longkumer

      Transfering and moving out happens.. But why treat players like that.. Barcelona.. This club sucks.. Don't treat them like a dirt..saurez.. Why cry for a club who doesn't love n respect players infact messi is jealous of you..since u r leaving.... Don't worry u will do good.. Respect

    70. Pragyan Pant

      Suarez's speech : THIS WORLD SHALL KNOW PAIN

    71. Roksana Akter

      I just hate barsalona Coach 😡😡😡

    72. Michel Mara

      Bartomeu OUT

    73. NurC Wibowo

      I think after hearing this would make messi more difficult to leave barca next season

    74. Alex Craig

      I will miss having Suarez in the team. Regardless of whether he lost a step over the years, he was very intelligent off the ball and could drag defenders around in ways that opened up space for Messi in attack. I think that was a very under appreciated aspect of Suarez's game, and one that Messi really enjoyed. Nobody else in the team has that same intuition, and I think it will be really missed.

    75. Ahmed Alsamawy

      وداعا يا وفي للكره البرشلونيه وفيت وكفيت اتمنالك كل الموفقيه والنجاح في مسيرتك القادمه تحياتي للاعبي برشلونه

    76. Dark Blue

      *Luis Suarez Pistolero first appearance with ATM on Sunday Sep, 27, 2020:* ● Got into the field at the minute 71. ● His first ball was an assist for a goals. ● Scored two great goals. ■ How the fuck did the 💩 Bartomeu let him be out? ●● I pray to God he can score a hat trick Vs Barça! I'll be very happy.

    77. JD JD

      poor suarez one of the best players in the world

    78. nelson ferrada

      Odioso como adversario, pero gran tipo igual, crack de jugador. Ahora a romperla en el Atleti y hacer que el Barça se arrepienta. Grande uruguayo!

    79. malayali blogger

      We want him in juventus

    80. Brght Sde

      big mistake decision by stupid manager instead of sending the defenses he chose this legend I hope messi go to Atlatico too☹

    81. Utea Aizawl

      This club never show respect....

    82. Mansoor

      Kick this owner out or this manager disappointed with their behaviour you don’t know how good Suarez is

    83. Irfayas Seyf

      Shame on you Barca for letting him go this way...shame

    84. Lalrosanga Khawlhring

      Respect luiz .....all the best for your future. You are the great ..

    85. Radu60HZ

      Chewyyy 😓😭😭

    86. Heraclez

      If been a barca fan for 20 years. I have never been this outraged! Suarez is a club legend put at the door like garbage! That’s not wat he deserves. Im ashamed of this board. Good luck luis 🔫 your always in our harts and we will never forget wat you did for us

    87. kambing hitam

      luis suarez akan tetap di hati cules... bartomeu OUT secepat ya


      see you agai Luis Suarez Buena suerte en tu nueva vida

    89. obaida King.

      I love Suarez

    90. DANKRUPT

      my mom says that when we blame other people not once but many times it means that the mistake is in me not the others. I think she is correct am i right Bartomeu??

    91. DANKRUPT

      i dont see the future but i can clearly see that suarez is gonna be the best player of atletico cause the players who are kicked by barca always perform their best after they leave the club. WHAT A SHAME this has now gone to some other level

    92. Lost Serendipity

      Imagine how emotional it be when Messi leaves next year ?

    93. dumisani dyalvane

      South Africa loves you... you're the player bro👏



    95. JackFrost ll

      This is the end of Barcelona era.....Mark my kicked out one of your best players which is also one of the deadliest strikers in the world although he wanted to stay for his love and dedication towards the club.....wait and see....Karma will hit you back....

    96. Himanjay Singh Rathore

      we will miss you suarez

    97. md billal


    98. Lewis Juggernaut

      Not all Barcelona fans speak Spanish 😒😒😒😒🙄

    99. ARTHUR BR

      get out of a legend not and exciting and stupid

    100. Meder Aitmyrzaev

      Суарес эркек!