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    Enjoy the 10 best goals by Ronald Koeman, our brand new coach, with Barça.

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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. Salsabilla zalfa Ramadhan

        Jual griezman bukan suarez

      2. Alberto G


      3. Mixmarcos Mg

        Ey culer 2/8

      4. Peter Marsn

        Bartomeu out

      5. Zaki maxamad official

        8=2 Bartemou out

    2. Sebastian Melgarejo

      I used to play for Barcelona

    3. Lord Sauron

      A muerte contigo Ronnie

    4. Alpha Dragon

      I use to Play for Barceelona 😂

    5. Guilherme F


    6. Rexus HUN

      1:08 XD

    7. Nischay Jit Singh

      Plus all of 10 goals out of penalty box

    8. Nischay Jit Singh


    9. Miller Macuga

      I feel like on every free kick he takes the keeper always hits his head on the post🧑‍🦲➡️🥅

      1. Tania Zaman

        Lol on 1:09 goalkepper really hit head with post🤣🤣🤣

    10. Kieran Hannon

      Ruined by that ridiculous music

    11. GaMer-X-PaNsióN

      este hombre era como ver oliver y bengi version realidad.cuando rompio la red fue epico inolvidable !!!!

    12. Teguh Purwanto

      Si jago freekick

    13. Gelvis Cruz

      Sergiñooo 😠😠😠

    14. lajos czeglédi


    15. Andre Rodriguez Villanueva

      Barcelona sin messi se ira a la extincion

    16. Ignis Pyro

      #3 was ridiculous!

    17. Abugu Bartholomew

      I wish we can have a midfielder or defender who can shoot from afar like koeman

    18. Utrecht 030

      Respect 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

    19. Ms ann Estanislao

      Galing nmn po sir

    20. Arnab Pal

      Defenders don't score mutch Ronald Koeman: 'Hold my beer, I'm gonna give u CL with my goal'

    21. Sebastian RH

      Koeman a sido un bravo con los tiros largos!

    22. Default is Deanfault

      Lambang naman lahat

    23. Anderson Muromba

      He should not be manager he's first name starts with Ron *Joke*

    24. Roma Rio Tanjung

      The best

    25. Samuel Villeda

      Roberto Carlos pero, DERECHO.

    26. GREAT JOB

      Jamie I do like the peofomance of these youngsters both first and second half but why is Koeman not using Demheld because he could have placed a very important role in yesterday's match and can even help us win since we needed more pace after Ansu Fati went out...Is the Coach having internal problems with DEMBELE????

    27. Ornando Adam

      Ronald Koeman=Hair and Tshirt Number Ivan Rakitic😊

    28. El poder de la mente Hdez.

      The number 3...omg....fantastic goal...i have never seen something like that again.

    29. Eric Fik Van hinten

      RONALD mc DONALD KOEMANN gran capitan como el tiburon CARLES PUYOL 2 leyendas inolvidable

    30. Noemi Atencio

      Un Crack!

    31. Marchel Sugi

      Number 3 and 1 in this list is forever in my mind since I was a kid.

    32. victor manuel espinoza reyes

      buenos goles

    33. ɴɪʏᴀs ɴᴘ

      Who were click there previous video coming 👇

    34. Agendem Jossy

      Wasn't he a defender? How come he is this good going forward.

      1. Gues Who

        Hes an old fashioned Libro he played at different positions in his early days from defensive midfielder to centerback to Libro , he trained and played with managers like Michels the architect of total football of Ajax and dutch national team . he played in a time where the original generation of total football players where still around .

    35. Anurag Madgulya

      Man .. he was so underrated .. He was a great player.. A defender scoring 200+ goals is something huge .. Imagine if he was a striker .. How much goal he could have scored ?🤯

    36. Mencelillo Clavijilla

      Dios joham cruihf q en paz descanse ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    37. Joseph Purdue

      To be fair, some of these goals are incredible

    38. MuzBar GAMING

      No Freekick No Life

    39. lahul bd

      He was a great player... Although I never heard of him as a good player!

    40. Muchsin Muchsin

      Suarez Suarez Suarez😂😂😂😂❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    41. Sheriff Conteh

      Pep should be barcas coach

    42. Sheriff Conteh

      I wish koe man was not braca coach

    43. Sheriff Conteh


    44. Paul Jasso

      Koeman is a dump for letting go suarez

    45. Vishal Vinod

      2:11 that goal was beast.

    46. Phú Nguyễn

      BARTOMEU & Ronald Koeman OUT NOWWWWWWW !!!!!!! Suarez & Messi Will Detroy Barca. I'll wait the day BARTOMEU & Ronald Koeman has kicked out.

    47. pro king

      يابه شني حمسهم حمس

    48. Gyula Mihaly

      He scored his best only when Barca already taken the lead.

      1. Dimas Adi Sasongko

        Oke kids

      2. Anish Ali

        Lol he scored the winning goal or the only goal agains't Sampdoria to win the ucl

    49. David Mejia-Martinez


    50. Maya Kumari

      Koeman out

      1. Dimas Adi Sasongko

        U must Out, puiq is overrated

    51. Nikesh Rzk

      He was a hitmachine at that time ❤ welcome back In Barcelona!!

    52. Ultra Tryhard

      To be honest, I wish Xavi wad the coach for a ton of reasons.

    53. Marco Di Martino

      Spettacolare. Wow

    54. Manuel González

      Jugador mediocre sin historia

    55. AB V8


    56. kagawa djeribie

    57. Ziad El oualja

      chi mghribi hna 🇲🇦😂😂

    58. Pamela Marie

      These long range goals are awesome. 🤩

    59. Pablo Juarez

      1o goles hizo el títere payaso

    60. Grand Noobian

      Straight fucking goalkeepers up!

    61. Mohammad Mosaferi

      Min. 2:15 is one of the best Goals ⚽ 🥅 in the world football ⚽💯

    62. Rafed Yasir

      I know you're here to judge how good of a player he was to determine how good he will be as a coach.

    63. Exotic_Prankster

      So happy to have him as a coach for barca the team is back guys!

    64. ERNESTO LUIS Dumont

      El gol ante la Sampdoria para mi es inolvidable, ya que esa final ante los italianos fue muy disputada porque los rivales se plantaron muy bien en la cancha y pude ver ese encuentro con mucha angustia hasta la anotación de Koeman.

    65. An Nguyễn Văn

      Fan FC Barcelona

    66. עומר עומר

      Bartomeu out

    67. nahuel cerro

      He has played as a SWEEPER or LIBERO ... a magistral position that doesn't exists anymore... a sweeper called "the last defender" and also the "first attacker"... if you want to see more of this magnificent players in that position, see not only koeman, see Franco Baresi, Gaetano Scirea, Franz Beckenbauer, Daniel Passarella, Frank de Boer, Lothar Matthaus, Matthias Sammer, and many other fantastic players

    68. lucas gomes

      El segundo y el tercero fueron mejores que el primero pero como el primero fue en una final pues a aguantarse

    69. Martin Ze77a

      Era un artillero espectacular Que pedazos de tiros libres perfectamente al ángulo

    70. Martin Ze77a

      El Roberto Carlos holandés 2:02

    71. Angela Elizabeth Monzon Ruiz

      Con la inteligencia que tiene koeman como entrenador lo van hacer súper bien y más inteligencia que le va dar Dios más mejor

    72. Andres Wille

      Le pegaba mas o menos a la pelota

    73. David Bone

      el barca es basura

    74. idris farjad

      Bartomeo out !!!!!!! He's the biggest blame in Barcelona history and he makes the best player of all time sad

    75. ritvik sarswat

      you know why Rakiti`c was released because koeman wants no number 4 except him in barca

    76. Lamine

      2:10 action from Captain tsubasa hahaha

    77. Bader Aldhaian

      What’s not to like about this video!?

    78. Marcos J

      Messi le pega mejor al balon ..fuiraa koeman

    79. Alexew Bikelife

      Always around the 30th minutes!

    80. shoota17

      Excelente 🔥 Before a big match or training I always watch GOL movie on the youtube and then put on playlist Delta Parole, Sumersed, SoaD for warmup and then GO GO GOOOLLL!!!!!

    81. Química No Detalhe

      Messi >>>>>> Barcelona

    82. Moose Sqwad

      Ibra scores fancier goals than him 😏

    83. Sifaw Documentary Channel

      for me the the third is the best

    84. LM10

      Please hold on to Messi, and don't let anything happen to Messi.

    85. Edwin Portillo

      3:02 Cruyff

    86. Yurngathing Hongvah

      Trash barca

    87. pablo pisciottano


    88. جزائري وأفتخر

      قومو بترجمتها شيكور .

      1. pro king

        هي أهداف ما يحتاج ترجمة مجرد تشوفها

    89. Sean Kunaka

      @2:12 revise that skill

    90. Ibrahim Adnan

      Komen i het you

    91. Brayan Cevallos

      jaja miren en el primer gol ese arquero donde se para!

    92. John Benjamin

      239 goals from 685 appearances. Those are amazing stats for a defender. I don't see anyone coming near that anytime soon. Some think that Ramos comes close, but if you look at the figures you'll see that for the 100 goals scored in LaLiga by Ramos, he needed 700 matches in 17 years. Compare this to Koemans' 88, scored in LaLiga in just 264 matches in 6 years.


        These numbers are absurd, no for nothing is the greatest top scorer defender in football history. More expressive numbers than many attackers! Ronald Koeman is a living legend. You deserve more recognition!

      2. 71 Echoes

        Sun Blanket he get

      3. Sun Blanket

        I don't know why he doesn't get the respect he deserves

      4. Tomy Gordillo

        You're absolutely right. Koeman's numbers are amazing.

    93. sebastian/miguel benitez

      Messi es mejor y punto.

    94. Dilpreet Bhatia


    95. Marcelo Allende

      Cool! Now how many titles? Please do a TOP 10 titles of Koeman for Barcelona. Then do TOP 10 titles of MESSI. Thanks!

    96. sun 84


    97. SugoiRyan

      I thought 2nd top goal was getting Suarez out and 1st getting Messi out. I'm Dutch btw and I know Koeman has incredible guts. In a negative way, unasked, in a horrible manner

    98. Rafael Nunez Jr.

      Came to barca only to disrupt the availability of column players in the team this upcoming season.

    99. 李澤洗

      Good player but no a good coach....

    100. trigueiros113

      Kicks like Eusébio. Shit coach. Suarez much better that griezman