TOP 10 Most Viewed Barça YouTube videos of 2020

FC Barcelona

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    Have you seen them all? These are the videos that have had more views in 2020 on the FC Barcelona PAprom channel, in the year where we became the first sports team in history to hit the 10 Million milestone.
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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. Alonso Alonso

        Griezmann al carrer

      2. Alonso Alonso

        Griezmann lárgate ya

      3. Alonso Alonso

        Griezmann out

      4. Amer Hesham

        Can you please sign van djik

      5. Akar Awar

        Please bring OZIL to the Camp Nou ✌️✌️✌️

    2. Evert Noorderwerf


    3. LM10

      Luis Suarez leaving was soo emotional . Why Koeman let him left.If El Pistolero was here this season we was about to be in 1 place

    4. eileen Garcia gonzalez

      Vry good team mi ídol is ter stegen

    5. eileen Garcia gonzalez

      The best team in the worl

    6. dummer junge videos

      10 mil followers💙❤️

    7. KAI ID

      Bring back Luis suarez

    8. KAI ID


    9. Mohammed Saneeh

      Plss i wud love to have a trial at barca academy in DUBAI for the youth team plsss i play right back and i am 14

    10. hadhimuhammed v


    11. Marwane Idrissi

      Vive america et la france et israeil.

    12. Alessandro Martinez

      Koeman out

    13. raul khuchua

      PLS, IF U CAN TELL COEMAN! HE CAN PLAY 4 3 2 1 OR 4 1 2 2 1!

    14. Alonso Alonso

      Griezmann lárgate ya

    15. Alonso Alonso

      Griezmann al carrer

    16. Alonso Alonso

      Griezmann out

    17. Alonso Alonso

      Griezmann is not the star ⭐️ in FC Barcelona 💙❤️. Get out of here.

    18. Dixy Lopez

      I don’t care if he leaves Barca

    19. Dixy Lopez

      And i really want To meet him that’s my only dream

    20. Dixy Lopez

      I love Messi i have all his shoes from when i was born plzzzzzz come to Texas plzzzzz

    21. shujaat 18

      Cant get over that suarez left barca.....and now messi is on line(hope so not)

    22. Amer Hesham

      Can you please sign van dijk

    23. Leon 281

      Ter stegen the best

    24. Edo Wilfridus

      I watch the 7 seconds challenge grizzi and De Jong 10 times. Haha

    25. Ash P

      Hey, release the highlights of your matches, so that we get to see our favourite team play. Every major club is doing it now. They are releasing the match highlights on youtube. What stops u from doing the same?? A humble fan from India

    26. Abhay Krishna

      You are the worst team now

    27. Esta Chengula

      98%are fans of fcb because of messi

    28. الفناء دينيز عزرا

      Owo ❤❤❤

    29. Husnul Jojon

      Suarez😭❤️ Leo Messi The King of Football🎉❤️

    30. Issa Diawara

      Fc Barcelona 💖💕❤️💞👌

    31. Thinker Job

      The Barcelona’s worst mistake was to fired Luis Suárez .

    32. AJB

      con. to know

    33. Shahal Abdurahiman

      If suarez come back that could be the most viewed video in this channel

    34. دي يونغ وريكي داعسينكم

      4:09 FOREVER top 1 🔝✊💙❤👑 BARCA MY HEART

    35. Hubert Szablewski

      Why Suarez leave Koeman sold

    36. Sankalp Hk

      Follow new page tikitakaglobal on Instagram if you love Barça! ❤️💙💪

    37. SAVY 10

      My last wish is to meet whole Barcelona team.

    38. elbunker245 YT

      Porque se fue bartemeu noooo porque era el nejor luis suarez era un perro

    39. 西本和矢


    40. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    41. Chhiring Lama

      Honestly These past years has been really hard to be a Barca fan. I feel bad for Old players and Legends who retired from these club.

    42. poulet chen

      I just wanna say BARTOMEU OUT!! jajajaja

    43. Wander Iguala

      Suárez siempre barca 😪😪😪 El mejor

    44. Dhan Rai


    45. Colin Jansen

      Kick koeman out and get xavi

    46. Jahirul Islam

      *Happy New Year to all Barca fans, hope that this year Barca change in their performance*

    47. Ronie Iebach

      For ronald koeman and all barcelona players, my advice is that the midfielder, de jong, pjanic, busquet and center-back must quickly close or stop the opponent's shot at Barcelona's goal, right-back and left-back players must also quickly close or stop players' crosses opponents. so that it is not easy to enter a goal

    48. Mr. Dav


    49. Mohammed Yassin

      Happy new year

    50. Zuhayr Chaudry

      1:41 LOL. Suarez leaving is the most emotional. Also can you tell me if he on loan or sold.

    51. Panda Squad

      Suárez why did fucking Koeman sell him he was the best

    52. John Blessed

      Is Suarez missed of course, but if he was not so lazy and unfit he would not of had to leave the club. Yes he will go down as a club legend but you cannot be paid so much money season after season to not score goals in important games because you are struggling for fitness, that is a disrespect to the club and the fans. I wish Suarez well but he had to leave.

    53. EBO

      Happy New Year Barça

    54. Mahad Ismail

      This has been the worst year for Antoine griezmann let's hope the griezmann we knew before Barca will come back in 2021.

    55. Davaldero

      the only achievement we got this year was being the 1st sport channel to hit 10m on YT :(

    56. Terin Tojo


    57. Alaa Abu Ayash

      It’s not ,,more than a club“ it’s ,,More than a meme“

    58. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    59. دكتورة المستقبل

      All my video focus is on Frank Dionck

    60. Jaudzems Agnes

      Sad to see suarez leave barca.. He is truly legend for barca.. 😢😢😢

    61. Harshini Sarvaiya

      Coutinho is really back to “injury”.

    62. Yaseen Jacobs

      2021 will definitely bring in something, our club is starting to look good again ,messi getting back on track ,and pedri is something special and i cant wait to see ansu back on the field again. I wish you all a happy new year 🎆🔴🔵

    63. Shivesh Dwivedi

      what if this video gets most no. of views ???

    64. jaume torrens

      Grisman al carrer!! Tens la porta de sortida ben oberta. Mira que regalar a Suárez i quedar-se amb aquest inútil...

    65. Varghese Francis Francis

      In 2021 Messi is leaving Barca that is the sad ever things in Barca history😭😭😭.and for a barca

    66. Sudhi Krishna N.A.

      They missed the live reaction of FCB vs Bayern Munich 2-8 which has 3.3M views, I think they deliberately avoided that. What a shambolic year for FCB and its fans.🤬🤬 Hope we'll dominate 2021.



    68. ахмат сиила


    69. Hanan Manzoor

      the problem now is no one is to make a perfect volley suarez😢

    70. Vojtěch Pazour

      Koeman, what terminate Suarez contrac. Suarez and Messi best duo in the word.

    71. Akar Awar

      Please bring OZIL to the Camp Nou ✌️✌️✌️

      1. Michelle Howard


    72. John Smith

      4:07 again de jong + griezmann please 🥰🥰


      Congratulation 10M subscriber

    74. SanS 72

      Suarez Barça 0😒

    75. Common Indian Girl

      The most watched FC Barcelona video is Barca vs. Bayern highlights by Bayern fans. I hope we recover and come out stronger. May 2021 bring us good things. Visca el Barca!

    76. Umair Khan

      Where is 8-2 video .😁

      1. Michelle Howard

        In the channel they uploaded the live room thing

    77. Advay Gujar

      Please barca like my comment so my new year gets a perfect start ..❤️💙

    78. Kunju Khadeeja

      Diogo Maradona, truly a legend

    79. Atok Grunge

      post 8-2.. gonna be first

      1. Michelle Howard

        They did

    80. Putu Fandy

      Luis suareZ...player the best.

    81. Sam mpls

      How are going to do guys vs PSG. As Barca Fan, I'm afraid it will be 6-0 or 10-0 !!!! Like what happened vs Roma, Liverpool and Bayern

    82. FM Stegen

      4:06 - Messi

    83. FM Stegen

      3:52 - lol Frenkie eating carrots in a press i watch it like everyday

    84. Brian Rosas

      FC Barcelona quiero dar una opinión sobre su situación para que mejore y ganemos todo sonará algo raro esto y talvez no me escriban pero me importa su situación sé cómo puedo solucionar lo malo que va el equipo espero y lean esto y me voy resten porfavor me duele ver a mi equipo así espero y me contesten puedo ayudar.

    85. Joel 478

      Luis Suarez miss you 😣😢😭😭😭

    86. السيد الطيب


    87. SAVY 10

      Many of the legends from barca had left the team , we want them back again .

    88. Lam' Diengdoh

      2020 is a bad year indeed but seeing Luis Suarez leaving Barca is the saddest for me. I still want him back even rn now.

    89. safari africa999

      There is one more video that was also viewed so much the match - center video of barca against Bayern

    90. Ajs Ajs

      After sometime this is the most viewed barca video😎

    91. Mega Tube

      We will never forget luis suarez 😔

    92. Albin k jojan



      Imagine getting a geart from barca ♥

    94. Shazin Rafeek

      Barca cant do properly in games Then channel : most viewed videos 🤐🤐🤐🤐

    95. Lailatul Maghfiroh

      Jangan jadi non muslim

    96. Sunita Devi


    97. ASHFAQ m.t

      I love Messi

    98. rashu hossain

      Força Barça 🔥🔥🔥

    99. Juan Oka

      Zuarez I Miss You😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    100. Adarsh Kadam

      Next Year Will and Should be OURS Forca Barça ✌💪💪💪🤙🤙