⚡⚡ TOP SKILLS and MOMENTS from Barça v Girona

FC Barcelona

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    After the 3-1 victory against Girona in Barça's second pre-season friendly, Ronald Koeman's squad are not lacking in ball skills! We got a wonderful taste of the great things to come!
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      1. juan

        Tiene que poner a Suárez es el mejor 9

      2. David Dumitrascu

        By by suarez....no ?

      3. S Martin

        love barca

      4. Ofek Shalev

        I love barca💙❤

      5. Chirag Kanvinde

        Again Barça TV+... 😅😭✌

    2. Pcrotling Rotlinga

      Coutinho so improve

    3. Joel Thomas

      Make araujo play more often instead of pigue..he's got talent don't ruin it like umtiti

    4. Abu Bakarr Turay

      so i wonder why koeman want to throw puig out

    5. arelivent

      The kit had a good idea just a bad execution, I’d say just switch up the colors a bit

    6. brasco Brown

      Are you faster in the other team

    7. Elieze

      la musica de fondo pls

    8. Brain Brown

      And barca want loan puig why dont they just loan koeman and the president

    9. Karrar Karrar

      مرحبا ممكن تردد قناة على اي قمر تبث استرا19 ام الهسبسات

    10. Turbinado Gamer

      Nosostro siempre estamos juntos ! 🔵🔴⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Barcelona FC ! 🔵🔴⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Botafogo RJ ! ⚫️⚪️🔥⭐️⚽️🇧🇷👍

    11. leoo olong

      Wtf ruig puig is not in plains of coach ?

    12. gianpro10_yt

      Un remix del himno del Barcelona sería la bomba

    13. joshua afare

      the dimunitive figure of Puig has its advantage mehn...Semblance to a Kante lol..Can disrupt opponent attacks and also play offensive ...just need to add some strength and flesh and oohh

    14. Uchechukwu Philemon Obimma

      Can you feel the energy?.. these young guys!!!

    15. Pro Gamer966

      8_2 8-2 8-2. 8-2

    16. Han's Zero

      Good Start, Barca Keep it Up !!!

    17. Kaleb Kamei

      Trincao is playing very well

    18. Hrushikesh Sahoo

      show us youtube gold play button

    19. popo sawa



      Trincao>Dembele Coutinho>Dejong

    21. Jesus Christ


    22. RobbyOK

      where can I see the line-up?

    23. ambesh karanjit

      Youngsters are stepping up 😍❤️

    24. meh No englsih

      I want todibo to play tho

    25. Andras Brav

      Coutinho is the best

    26. Romola Shambandrum

      Barca is going good

    27. ansif ch

      Messi fans kerala 💛💛💛💛

    28. Nawaz Khan

      Thanks a lot for this lovely video.

    29. aranya banerjee

      Fcb has the brightest set of future players.....football lovers can see that

    30. koki from planat jjj0

      So nobody is going to talk about the Jersey

    31. 有宇

      The youths look so promising: I hope Barça find it in their conviction to actually *layout a plan of action to hone and invest in them* and not just see them as loan/trade pieces like they did with Arthur Melo.

    32. Tondo Futbol Club

      Top skills, Love and respect from Tondo Futbol Club, Philippines!

    33. Short Clips

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful...

    34. Emmanuel Quarcoo

      That defender is very good What's his name

    35. Carlos Rodríguez

      Messi es DIOS!!

    36. Callum Guizar


      1. Callum Guizar


      2. Callum Guizar


    37. Brian Gozz

      ¿Queríamos juventud? Ahí la tenemos. Es una maravilla.

    38. Andreas Lindberg

      at 1:20... When does he see the overlab? He does not look at all? Wow

    39. imad YT

      Koeman ♥️♥️✅

    40. Game Addictgonewild

      hey Barca, i have a huge tip for growing youre youtube channel... Bartemeu out

    41. alka rouyal

      روعة مستقبل مشرق ديما بارصى

    42. Martin cK

      what the f... LOL if barca gonna play with these trikot jersey vs bayern they will lose 10+ LOL

    43. Darth Elius


    44. janviere ndizeye

      Bravo my team (barca) you didnt give up since the defeat of the (8-2)

    45. kαzυмα San

      Ronaldinho skills 00:05

    46. David Perez




    48. Guntur Esa M

      Puig and pedri 👌🏻

    49. Arham Muhammad

      Easy vs a one shit team

    50. T shares TT

      Go subscribe to WeTeen

    51. Anoop S R

      Ok fine. Bartomeu out!

    52. TrymDekker

      I Love Frenkie de Jong


      Please keep uploading these for every match from this season

    54. Ayanabh Bora

      Anyone can tell me the music name playing from 1:35

    55. Anshul Thakur

      Trincao is fabulous

    56. king kings

      the original is the vibe not this bullshit uniforms

    57. king kings

      wtf why that gay shirt dudes I'm blue and red wtf!!!

    58. gerardo perez

      8-2 😂😂

      1. Thomassist Müller


    59. Bm K

      lol its like a coutinhos highlights video the first minutes

    60. Jejis Rai

      Dembele is the king of Deception.

    61. #kElViN

      Barcelona of the best club in the world. Respect from CHELSEA fans

    62. Richard Szabó

      1:19 - 1:31 = commentator sounds like he is rapping to the music :D his phrasing is even rhythmically precise :D :D :D

    63. Mukul Thakur

      Araujo is so good! Remember him kicking the chairs in the stands in the bayern match , he has so much passion for barca. 🔵🔴 Cheers to the future... 🍻

    64. Cristiano Ronaldo

      Messi is not happy you can see that

    65. Pratyush Bharali

      I am excited for the new season now .. hope to see a great season.

    66. YowaStudio

      We can’t keep the same defenders who conceded such amount of goals in Roma, Anfield and Lisbon. World class LB and RB are needed. Ronald and Todibo should play more as CB

    67. mauro99

      altrnative video title: this is how to edit a football video , make it cool even without transitioins or effects

    68. Kim Jong-Un

      The kids playing like Bosses😍👍🏾💙❤️

    69. Afwu Saka

      Coba bayangin kalo messi jadi pindah ...

    70. gopal singh rajpurohit


    71. Balázs Malik

      i dont expect ucl from this team but i want copa del rey and la liga pleaseee

    72. ريال مدريد

      مرحبا بكم في قناتي صانع محتوى

    73. Balázs Malik

      bartomeu out

    74. Hfhuff Fhjo

      Araujo was playing like he is facing an U 16 side 😂😂.

      1. joshua afare

        he needs to start over Pique..periodd

    75. Jojo Dawide

      Why junior firpo didn’t score that instead of passing the ball to Pedri

    76. N Q

      Riqui perfect 👌

    77. Indrajeet Kumar Singh

      I have a gut felling that couthinio will shine this season

    78. Yanis JSK

      Trincao is a monster🤩🤩

    79. mao studio


    80. _MarVyN


    81. رضوان الگروج REDOUANE GR

      the challenge This team will not win any title this year Why, because this year there will be a new presidency. Of course, the new president will sway the current administration’s deals even the coach We meet at the end of 2021

    82. Najy Araujo

      Trincao Is Good And puig💪😍

    83. Galactic Soccer!

      Don't sell TODIBO damn it!!!

    84. Galactic Soccer!

      We've got our midfield, wings & attack all set! Now please don't sell TODIBO if y'all want a proper defence, w Araujo as well the defence will be amazing!

    85. Ravi Shrivastav

      That messi pass to trincao needs a separate discussion altogether. How did that telepathy work between trincao and messi ?? Damn!!!

    86. Shuma Atiqunnassa

      Unpopular opinion: these kits look pretty good

    87. sEnTriX

      Dembele n semedo n vidal out. Sergio Dest n lautaro in

    88. Mohamed Ali

      Am I going to watch this Barcelona 😍😘😮

    89. Andrian Priambodo

      Riqui Puig Next Xavi 🔴🔵

    90. marinerphil xavi

      The future of Barca is bright ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    91. FP Media HD

      Many will come and Go But Messi will always rule the football world🔥🔥❤️❤️

    92. Nitish Mallick

      1.38 The player needs to improve. It could be done in a more efficient manner.

    93. shannel moira

      This video had to be done🔥

    94. Ashiq Playz

      8-2 pessi

    95. mouride pirr

      the best in tiki taka

    96. Mordecai Will

      I can see beautiful football is BACK!

    97. Aris Ofa


    98. Yodie Indrawan

      No no no, you should stay with the first tune from the beginning until @01:39



    100. E11 ODP

      Trincao is going to be special