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    The games are already coming thick and fast in La Liga, with Barça taking on Celta Vigo in their second game of the season, and we'll be bringing you all the latest from the game, LIVE!
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    1. holosexual for ever


    2. Shifty Claps


    3. abdullah zahran

      Bye Suarez

    4. Mammoos Mahin

      Messi hai plezzzz

    5. Lucas

      Viska Barça! 🔵🔴

    6. victoria helburn


    7. Guadalupe Mariano Fernandez

      Eres hermosa Georgina leger

    8. Morris Skrzynecka

      1:26:33 what's her name?

    9. Angel Zuniga

      Thank god!

    10. Adrian Stark

      Let's go barca, we're back in the game

    11. Juan Rosales

      Barca is actually doing good i think they could finally win a cup this season

    12. calvin minthang kipgen

      Better to show full time match! Fans are eager to watch there play not about ur gossip!!!

    13. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Vive la Révolution! Chemin vers la Guillotine! Que paguen con cárcel, devolviendo todo lo robado Floreta de Hamelín y sus apesebrados emboscados blancos. No queremos más vividores, ni chaqueteros y lacayos serviles. Ojalá sea verdad después de una larga espera de cinco años. REVOLUCIÓN total desde la cúspide a la base!!! ✊💙❤️

    14. francisco marroquin

      Creo que me equivoque de video xq es video de la liga inglesa y no de la liga española 👀

      1. ByCris 14


    15. Boateng Blessing Junior


    16. benaymin alizadeh

      This Barça is amazing

    17. benaymin alizadeh

      Coutinho plays good But ansu fati is god We don't have to talk about king Leo

    18. Gurveer Singh

      Where's sarah? We miss her

    19. Xavier Wang

      Visca el barcaaa

    20. ANi

      24:30 wow on point prediction 👍 Nicely done girl



    22. Kıraç Budak


    23. Usman's little world

      Pls release highlights as before

    24. javi trejo

      Creo que a menguado bartomeu out Que paso???

    25. Cristian Camilo Mora Pacheco

      Subestime a Koeman buen trabajo

    26. Ayan Bera

      24.50 gorgena is right on the money!! How she did that much accurate prediction!!!

    27. Andre Felixsson

      Is koeman a change?

    28. Haeril Muchtar

      Is the best' leo leo leo messi messi messi...!!!

    29. Ujjwal Garg

      Messi also wants to leave who will save your ass after messi??

    30. igor bychek


    31. Ujjwal Garg

      Shitty barcelona and what happened to you in champions league is funny.😆😆

    32. Ujjwal Garg

      Anyone can win against small teams come on you have a squad full of star players and a nice budget this is unfair and also fifa and uefa cannot do anything because they all are also corrupt.

    33. Rafa Soha

      This is what we want Good game

    34. Ayas. 95Hussen

      My love you ❤Barcelona❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🙋😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌

    35. S̶H̶N̶A̶ 10

      where is riqui?? 😐😠

    36. محمد عماد

      منو عربي مثلي

    37. Arnoud van Houwelingen

      why do you want Neymar if you have Ansu Fati and Coutinho :)

    38. Gagom Ogee

      BARTOMEU be careful it's cold out side

    39. Pedro Soler Martínez

      I see oxygen is coming in and fresh and renewed team. Still vulnerable in the back, a better Busquets this time but still a lot of work to do. Loved Coutinho 👊🏻

    40. Pozitiv

      Динамо всіх зітре в порошок

    41. Manjit Kaur

      Messi are come in FCB

    42. یا اباعبدالله الحسین


    43. S GB

      Why is Messi playing as a striker? Griezmann would fit better in that position, just like he did in preseason, he is not a winger

      1. Skankhunt 42

        JoDe Te okay sorry then

      2. S GB

        Skankhunt 42 Messi started as 9, Griezmann played all the game es a right winger

      3. Skankhunt 42

        JoDe Te i Think Messi only played as a striker after lenglet Got a red card. Griezmann was the one who was performing worst upfront at that point in the game considering fati had scored and bought him and coutinho played incredible, Messi is Messi so of course he was not gonna be taken out. But they used Messi as a striker second half because we knew we had to play defensive and Messi Can dribble and score by himself when needed which we did because we were trying to defend. Pretty sure griezmann was upfront until lenglet red card. Barca played an incredible game last Night and they have been amazing so far this season. Visca barca

    44. hawkar hawkar


    45. رفل رفل

      more than a clab ♥

    46. رفل رفل

      long live barcelona

    47. رفل رفل

      good luck our team ♥

    48. Black White

      Come on, it's not your comment that I want to see, but what I want is the match🤬😡

      1. Austha Azad

        Its available on Facebook

    49. pierre casas vasquez

      Demoles gracias al bayern por traernos a un coutinho en forma

    50. Madhav Pillai

      My score line prediction was right 3-1 or 3-0

    51. Muhammad Abdullah Abbas Ranjha


    52. Muhammad Abdullah Abbas Ranjha


    53. 안꾸레

      Let's shout "Barcelona"

    54. 안꾸레


      1. 안꾸레

        De jong's pass is accurate and fast

    55. James Rodríguez

      Leo 🐐

    56. John Basumatary

      Y didnt Pjanic is in startin line up ,we r bored wid dis heck." Lazy Busi"

      1. theEchannel

        Busquets has actually traveled the most distance on the pitch against Celta. He was doing a lot of running

    57. Daisy Antony

      Messi messi

    58. Umar Farooqui

      3-0 like pls


      September is OVER! I can start simping again on Georgina

    60. UFC.Dagestan

      DAGESTAN anji sila

    61. Benjamin JR

      Thank you, Koeman

    62. juanes yapura

      Así tienes los huevos para vortarle lucho Suárez por que no la cochinada Sergio Roberto

    63. juanes yapura

      Júnior firpo voltale

    64. juanes yapura

      Volta la cochinada Sergio Roberto

    65. juanes yapura

      En el Barcelona son bien burros inútiles

    66. juanes yapura

      No confio ansu falti todavía es joven

    67. juanes yapura

      Base a la Mierda Barcelona

    68. juanes yapura

      No creo que este Barcelona ganó los otros champios legue

    69. juanes yapura

      En medio tiene un puto carles aleña suplente de mejor Jordi Alba le tiene la cochinada júnior firpo por no fichan a dani alves

    70. juanes yapura

      Le falta todo

    71. juanes yapura

      Y esto falta mucho para ser mejor equipo

    72. juanes yapura

      Me hizo sufrir daño Barcelona

    73. juanes yapura

      Prefiero que avance Juventus que antes de Barcelona

    74. juanes yapura

      Yo soy ahora Juventus

    75. juanes yapura

      Algo que Barcelona la cochinada de trincao

    76. juanes yapura

      Juventus tiene un morata

    77. juanes yapura

      Juventus nos va eliminar

    78. juanes yapura

      No confio

    79. juanes yapura

      Yo era cule

    80. juanes yapura

      Que asco le falta medio campistas

    81. juanes yapura

      No confio

    82. juanes yapura

      Yo no este proyecto de Barcelona

    83. juanes yapura

      Que asco

    84. Vany Guerrero

      Barça returns!!!

    85. Josue Matias Ccoicca Ancco

      Felicitaciones Fc Barcelona, jugaron un grandioso partido con mucha intensidad, coraje y compromiso. Fue un gusto verlos jugar con esa presión alta, corriendo todo el partido.

    86. SebaLL KeU

      Con estos weones me kitan las ganas de ver futbol la verdad, vaya celebraciones de mierda como se le notan que estan hay por la money

    87. Younus Pb

      Barca pressing is high but more cards and injuries hhhhh........But amazing game🔥🔥🔥

    88. Douglas Romero

      Es el Barcelona hablen español

    89. Martin Perez

      Sergi Roberto played great he is a key player

    90. YAERandYEEC

      Por que teneis comentaristas en ingles, deberias ser catalan o por lo menos español.

    91. mf.7_10 Mohammed 4D


    92. Summy Philip

      this is how many people love barca i think 10.3 million 👇 i think only 1 person likes barca

      1. Josep Maria Bartomeu

        Lmao only 3 people😂. Dead club

    93. Angel Peña

      Que pasa Con Marc ??? Xq no esta siendo titular al arco ???

      1. Gods Grug33

        Esta lesionado

    94. Molian Sari

      Ansu fati talenta is thebest yers

    95. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    96. Borish Ksh

      Ter stege is not play why? Tell me about him

      1. PieTopia

        he underwent a surgery and will be off for a couple of games

    97. Barcelona forever

      Congratulations barca

    98. Vladimir Rodriguez

      Buen partido vamos coutinho 💪 ⚽ 👏

    99. Shashank Mamgain

      Do not let the blunder occur again, Defence is almost same,smack off man city and get garcia in.

    100. 박형윤

      Koeman is great