We Did It. And We Will.

FC Barcelona

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    Our history has shown that nobody will ever break us. We Did It. And We Will.
    This Sunday, Barça play the first game of the Liga 2020/21 campaign. It’s going to be a season marked by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, with games at Camp Nou being played behind closed doors, meaning no supporters to cheer on the team. The We did it and we will message being launched today is FC Barcelona’s way of calling on its members and fans around the world to feel confident and hopeful about things to come, with a video emphasising how blaugrana history shows that no matter how difficult things have been in the past “nobody will ever break us”. It’s a line taken from Cant del Barça, the club anthem, and that now rings truer than ever in the wake of a difficult last season and at the dawn of a new one.

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    1. FC Barcelona

      LaLiga is back and so is Barça Live! Enjoy the pre-match liveshow and game play by play from 1 hour before kick off here on the channel! paprom.info/block/v/gZ-5l9CizqRpx2k.html

      1. THARESH 10

        @Ramdani Rizky do u want suarez back

      2. Ramdani Rizky

        @THARESH 10 😩

      3. THARESH 10

        @Ramdani Rizky but koeman dont want him😫😫😫😫

      4. Ramdani Rizky

        Suarez is still worth defending he has the instinct to score goals he's a great player and professional he's a very great striker but it's a shame fate says differently 😞

      5. BE

        You will win nothinh u dumbasses messi is gonna go also and then u are fucked 😂😂😂

    2. Adrian Salaverria

      We will destroy anyone

    3. Turbinado Gamer

      Nosostros siempre estamos Juntos ! 🔵🔴 ⚽️🇪🇸 👍 Vamos Barcelona ! 🔵🔴⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Botafogo FR / RJ ! 🔥⭐️⚫️⚪️⚽️🇧🇷👍

    4. doruk ışık

      Lets Make barca great again

    5. Thabiso Maenetja

      Fans in general are not taking barca serious and as a barca fan I'm heartbroken to see my favourite club be in such a state it's the club I supported since I was 6 I am 10 now but we can always believe the glory days will come back I do hope we win a treble

    6. joan raul c

      pero no está directiva ni sus candidatos continuistas.

    7. Егор Быков

      There is only one thing I want... BARTOMEU OUT

    8. Pierre De Gabory

      Vamooos Barça !!!!! 🔥🔥❤️💙

    9. vibhor kala

      More than a club

    10. Manuel Corrales

      Pero con bartomeu en la presidencia no harán nada...

    11. Erie Pyrhis

      the best team in the world

    12. Kamen Petrov

      Anyway, i want Bartomeo OUT. This is not only about the selfdestructions in the past UCLs. This more about Bartomeo and the board, at all, trying very hard to destroy the aura of the club.

    13. Hiwot Agidew

      Let’s make history

    14. TIMOTHY

      We Won The Champions League !!!!!

    15. Mohammad muhanna

      This year’s scandal is from marseille mark my words 😁

    16. Mohammad Hussien

      Forca barca



    18. Tjk krnlsn

      How about Barça 2 vs 8 Bayern?

    19. Mujtaba rahman

      Is there anyone

    20. Mujtaba rahman

      I want to fulfil my dream

    21. Mujtaba rahman

      Plz plz plz

    22. Aryajeet Jadhav

      Time to pick ourselves up And Brush ourselves off.

    23. Petr Chech

      Барса Урагша!

    24. Rahul Thakuri

      I'm sad that neymar wasn't there

    25. Rehan Gondal

      We are coming Europe 🇪🇺 and especially bayern for you

    26. DarpX Gaming

      Who else is missing suarez 😢

    27. Norma Ester Barrionuevo


    28. Carlos M C


    29. unfeignedfaith

      Sometimes, it takes a heavy defeat for us to realise what needs to stay and release what needed to go for good; to make the appropriate changes in order to rise again and come back even stronger than ever. And we’ve began doing that. Nothing will be wasted. It’s all a learning curve. We’re headed the right way. We’re coming back.

    30. Juan Esteban Almeida Villamizar

      Bartomeu Out

    31. Dercio Semende

      Ell ✌️ is out? No way

    32. M X

      Bartomeu propoganda is on WW2 level 😂

    33. neel desai

      There is a differnece between making cute movies and actually performing! Hope we get it right! and the board can fuck off!

    34. Hillary Balie

      Love barcelona

    35. kan gewoon toch


    36. Thomas Wong

      Barcelona shouldn't do that to Neymar and Luis Suarez. It's a shame that couldn't see Suarez retire in Barcelona like Xavi and Iniesta

    37. ExpiredMilk 420

      Rise from the dead❤️💙

    38. Rafa Muñoz Rojo

      Tornarem a ser grans💙❤

    39. Seppe Wils

      Cruijjf maradona suarez koeman 😥😥😥


      You need desperately sow that Koeman is important...This video is absoluatly a prove to that


      You has bkoken yourself barça.Bartoshit out

    42. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Lionel Messi is the best *

    43. Alfian Nor

      Koeman out

    44. Rizin's World


    45. Anik Bhowmick

      "Our history has shown us, that nobody will ever break us" "We did it. And we will" *Bartomeu laughs in the corner silently

    46. R2R2 RatR

      Bartomeo OUT

    47. snyder Mera

      La remontada de sergi roberto no sibio de nada ya que despues la juventos destroso al barcą


      guys guys guys, plz stop with the jokes about bartomeu....i cant like all of them

    49. Sylver

      *Our history has shown that nobody will ever break us* Except bartomeu

    50. Xavier Mill

      We Did it. We will do Again... Bottle

    51. alexispisunyer

      Si no, está claríssimo.

    52. Akram El Faressi

      Why you didn't show à save of Ter stegen why he is Messi with gloves

    53. BIOTIC _Junker

      Except Bartomeu

    54. Axilya

      Lets be honest the day messi retires barcelona gonna finish league in 10th place

      1. Axilya

        You'reNotFirst COUTINHO WTF he is a Fucking Trash in Barcelona He Dont do Anything he is sucks And Riqui Puig He is not that talented Fati is very talented Trincao Dont Deserve to start at barcelona first XI

    55. _MarVyN

      Visca Barça!!! 💪🏻🔵🔴

    56. Moiz Darr

      Barcelona is never gonna die and I don’t care about what people say but Barcelona are the best team in the world

    57. Aki 35


    58. JuanJo Garcia

      If i buy barca tv membership do they broadcast games live?

    59. Maria Rayappa

      The cake would rise if the baking powder was of better quality. Cake- FC Barcelona Baking powder- BARTOMEU!!

    60. Abraham Yvng


    61. Faris Aidil

      Barca is my life

    62. Cindy Lorenzo TorneZ

      Beautiful 🤩

    63. MN EDITZZ

      Bartameou Out

    64. Akmal Teshayev

      Our legends with us. Absolutely, I know we will win all tournirs 😉

    65. Suresh Dutta

      We are Barcelona

    66. SokinHD


    67. victor jcdon

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    68. Luis Antonio Diaz Gamboa

      Vamos vules por la champions todos podemos

    69. Mohamed BorrouOsman


    70. JOHN JOSE

      Victor Font must come as president. He is putting a new barca project ahead . Joan Laporta also good president. And if Antoni Freixa comes as president, it will be a disaster cause he is Bartomeu 2.0

    71. Avgur

      Sergi Roberto out and Bartomeu out.

    72. Riard Ramadani


    73. رفل رفل

      we will rise again ♥

    74. The Avocado


    75. Luis_14YT

      Vamos Barcelona

      1. Luis_14YT

        Vamos Barcelona ❤️❤️

    76. Shaik Nadeem

      Squrez will be missed

    77. Alex P Kurian

      Come back strong with each matches..We are there for you..whatever happens..But one thing we cant agree with you.. Throw Bartemoeu out...He is not needed..

    78. Noa Petrović

      "Our history shows us that nobody will beat us Liverpol: am i joke to you?

      1. Zain Attiq

        @Noa Petrović lost for words?? Lol BTW LFC group does look easy. As easy as city and Chelsea's group.

      2. Noa Petrović


      3. Zain Attiq

        Oh really? Tell klopp to say that to Athelti As klopp would say "BOOM!" hahaha

    79. samir baniya

      Lets go forca barca😍😍❤❤💪💪

    80. Ujjwal Balaji

      Bartomeu enters chat... Barcelona destroy 😭

    81. Adrián García Moreno


    82. Keerthi Allam

      You guys did take out Suarez and now you guys will lose messi too.

    83. Abhishek Singh

      True.... I was waiting for this from a football club official channel. This made my day but I will say that BARTOMEU OUT!

    84. Aziz Ertan Sarı

      Nihat kahveci real sociedad

    85. Anonymous Me

      Koeman advert

    86. big chonky

      You can rise again if you fix your defensive problems and give Messi somebody to play with.

    87. Football Addict

      Our History Has Shown That Nobody can Break Us... Bartomeu: am I invisible to u?

    88. Ameer Masmali

      FC Barcelona: We Did It. And We Will. Star Wars: The Dead (FC Barcelona) Speak!

    89. Rajarshee Sarkar

      Barça is back ! 😎

    90. ASK ;

      We did it, and we will 🔥

    91. cNrClips

      "our history has shown that nobody will ever break us." bartomeu: hold my beer

    92. Brandon Esquen

      Me dan un corazón

    93. Waleed Kadri


    94. Bryan Dirgayudha Mintaraga


    95. Seth GZ

      Claro que lo haremos... pero Bartomeu y toda la ideología de Rosell deben salir expulsados del Barça.

    96. Lohan Ekanayake

      For sure🔥

    97. Roo_Fdez11

      I think Barça must come back stronger because Messi will leave next year, then, Barça will become AC Milan, Or Man United

    98. Ana Tax


    99. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Vive la Révolution! Chemin vers la Guillotine! Que paguen con cárcel, devolviendo todo lo robado Floreta de Hamelín y sus apesebrados emboscados blancos. No queremos más vividores, ni chaqueteros y lacayos serviles. Ojalá sea verdad después de una larga espera de cinco años. REVOLUCIÓN total desde la cúspide a la base!!! ✊💙❤️

    100. Ride or Dive Kerry

      I miss the entertainment of Ronaldinho😭