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    Second session of the week for 13 players from the squad on Tuesday as preparations continue for the next league fixture which is against Celta Vigo in Balaídos on Thursday, 9.30pm CEST kick off.
    Neto, Iñaki Peña, Arnau Tenas, Aleñá, O. Dembélé, Rafinha, Pedri, Braithwaite, Ansu Fati, Riqui Puig, Konrad, R. Araujo and Mingo took part in the session at the Ciutat Esportiva with the rest of the squad having a rest day.
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    1. Lillian Montero

      No entiendo es un club 🇪🇦 y hablan ingles

    2. Jk

      God es liquidez

    3. Mateo Gonzalez

      Dejen de poner a Riqui en la míniatura que ni juega ni 1 segundo.

    4. Jestine C Johnson

      Get rid of Grizzy to get Depay pls...

    5. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro

      Muito Bom you tube⚽⚽👏👏👏

    6. JoseMiguel Lopez

      Basuras dejaron ir a Suárez metanle mas física a los jugadores

    7. zinbiito5

      Porqué el resto a tenido dia libre?? Si justamente los otros son losnque mas necesitan estos ejercicios.

    8. chad lwarence

      Am I the only one who thinks the team is playing a 4-2-4 this season???

    9. chad lwarence

      I want to see Sergio Busquets @ CB

    10. Miguel Antonio Sierra Lievano

      Vamos holandes dake minutos a riqui puig..el tiene talento..

    11. THE rofal Gacha

      ❤️ VISCA BARCA ❤️

    12. BM Style

      Lo q yo digo al Barca hay q verlo en marzo,abril.. Siempre a principio de temporada Todo lindo todo dulce pero los partidos de vuelta de cuartos de champions siempre es la prueba.. Hay q esperar SI O SI NO SE PUEDE HACER NADA HASTA EL OTRO AÑO

    13. BM Style

      Pero estos son todos los suplentes exepto uno q otro

    14. Luiz Aguiar

      Visca barça

    15. Shantanu wankhade

      Which song?

    16. Jasheela Mappilavettil

      Good afternoon . Form india

    17. Yatin Kapoor

      What's the name of the song??

    18. Nathan L Flomo

      I'm very happy with Berelona players ! good morning to us.

    19. Gaurav EyNdTNeHVM


    20. Mohamed Sankoumba Fadiga

      Hey! There goes LATE DEMBELE! Good work man! Keep coming late!

    21. manish basnet

      At the moment, playing right back is tough in BARCA, coz as formation make him beside Busquets whu is sluggish to cover ground & mark player, Right back has to cover some how Busi part as well while facin counter attack. & Messi whu doesnt do defensive part, so right back is alwys bg covering the ground rather thn playing. & both Busi & Messi donn run to create space without ball, tats what playin RB is tough now. No more Bartmeou & no more Busi, ofcrs Busi can be super sub coming into after 70 mins to make game slow after Barca have lead of 2 or 3. He makes Barca game very very slow & opponent can easily predict & cover the space with players.

    22. FTVcomps

      Griezmann Messi Coutinho Ansu 🔥🔥

    23. FTVcomps

      Dembele Coutinho Messi Ansu Fati

    24. FTVcomps

      good morning 🌞 all

    25. Chadwick Henoc

      Dembélé love you ♥️

    26. AJB Informatica

      Maior clube do Planeta Flamengo-Brasil

    27. Lucky Lűcký

      Guli training blll

    28. Ebnaizet Ebi

      I am mssing luie suarez😭

    29. Mery Styles

      Riqui puig z🙈❤️

    30. Odil Usanov

      Very good

    31. el crack master pro

      A confiar más en la cantera, porque así como está Ansu Fati, está Riqui Puig y muchos más que tienen un increíble nivel y solo necesitan la confianza de el club para poder explotar su nivel futbolístico. Visca Barza y visca cataluña

    32. Samuel Amaral

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    33. dx nx

      santhiago ramos

    34. sebasman

      Puiq come to Ajax ❌❌❌

    35. Cameo Suliang

      What is song name

    36. lukita ff

      Por favor quien me ayuda a creser mi canal para pagar mis deudas y estudio por favor es solo subcribirce

    37. なめこ

      Rafinha ❤️❤️

    38. Yalick

      El jueves Barca gana! por cierto ¿La canción de fondo de quien es?

    39. jair jarufe

      Metanle hormonas a riqui puig

    40. LM10


    41. Jenny Almendarez

      forca barca

    42. Meydi Ansori

      Happy day gaes

    43. Dirk Dijkman

      This music 😭😭

      1. Rizqi Al-Habsyi

        what's the title of this song?

    44. LeohSeven4ever

      Por fin entrenando duro, con valverde jugaban a los pasesitos con una intensidad penosa, FUERZA BARSAAA! 🔥🔥🔥

    45. Samina Ali

      Miss Suarez in the training

    46. alejandro ignacio romeroo

      Que gracioso que en muchas miniaturas sale riqui como portada para aparentar que apostamos por los jóvenes y especialmente por él... Cuando en realidad lo quieren echar. VERGONZOSO como se rien de nosotros.

    47. Marcelo Rocha

      Qual é a música de fundo do vídeo?

    48. alessandra aparecida quaresma gomes


    49. Sony Michael

      Welcome sergino dest Sergino Dest Culers❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

    50. a n o n y m o u s

      where is messi ??

    51. Marcelo Rocha

      Who, music?

    52. Iniesta D10s Sextete

      Darle caña que hay q estar a tope físicamente para lograr objetivos q la técnica se os cae de los bolsillos

    53. Anu Jith

      Starting 11 playing dembale

    54. Creator Deion

      The editors are so bad

    55. chanty beatle

      I love you barca❤️❤️❤️❤️

    56. OMAR PHIRI

      Please don't sell puig

    57. Loga S Federrer

      "I'm staying",Messi 😂😂

    58. tcha konabi

      I really feel Braitwait has things to prove.... Wish he could have oppprtunities to show himself

    59. Nawaz Khan

      Please use Dembele as per his awesome skills n pace. Do not waste him. He is future superstar of Barca.

    60. Olive

      How on early is braithwaite still in the club

    61. Shaffat Ahmed

      What's the background song?

    62. Andre

      Please don't sell Dembele! He is going to shine! He is working hard!

    63. Liiban Ahmed

      Who miss marC

    64. Darth Elius

      ​We write everything together under all the videos on PAprom and Instagram BARTOMEU OUT!


      Het is heel leuk

    66. Rakha Alfaridzi

      Greetings from Indonesian 🇮🇩

    67. Bulldog del 80

      2:32 Henrik Larsson?

    68. Bulldog del 80

      2:32 Henrik Larsson?

    69. James Curtis

      I do not owe anybody anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    70. Tun Hafiz

      Coutinho(lw),ansu fati(cf) Messi(lw),griezman(amf) or rotate with messi

    71. Md Asif

      Where is ter Stegen.. Long time he is not in training

    72. Shahal Shahal

      Iam joing barca please 😢😢

    73. Tejinder Singh

      The song perfectly suits Messi's situation❤

    74. Slim Randy

      2:33 always a footballer even he's getting old



    76. classic MSG

      Good afternoon all😌

    77. Babacar Ndao

      c est un travail qu il ne faisait pas trop au paravant.

    78. P Puja

      I have tired for dembele's undiscipline . I think better if he leaves

    79. Rabee Vengara Offical

      BARTOMEU OUT 🤯🤯👇


      God bless you all❤❤

    81. Nana Yaw

      Martin Braithwaite has a point to prove. He really wants to keep his place at this club. If only some of the players had the same morale

    82. Sebastian Víquez Marín

      A por todas el jueves

    83. best guy

      Why messi not n training

    84. v s

      Can anyone tell me the name of the song pls???

    85. bitegoatie

      We keep hearing Bartomeu wants to sell Todibo and to send Rafinha to Manchester City, all to get Eric Garcia. Rafinha is a good player. Todibo is a good player. Eric Garcia is not. What sense does this proposal make? Don't screw up another thing on the way out. Eric Garcia was here. He was not worth keeping. He has been poor for Guardiola. I'm sure he's a fine boy to his mom, but as a player he is far behind Todibo. He is behind Araujo. He is not worth losing Rafinha straight up, let alone Rafinha plus millions of dollars. Try to be sane, for once, and to act in the interest of the club. Garcia is not a sane target. For its part, City does not see Garcia as viable. They just bought a real center back from Benfica (Dias) to solidify that position. Why waste time and resources with a cast-off when there are better options at the Camp Nou now?

    86. Suvam Das

      Song name?

    87. Anubhav Saha


    88. Riandy Riandy

      Forca Barcelona 💪🏆

    89. Akash Anand

      Name Of The Song..????

    90. Mr. Aparichithan

      Where is Leo ❓

    91. Sunny Gurung

      It’s about time Araujo start instead of Pique.

    92. oslyn vidal

      even rafinha is better than dembele

    93. pushpa ranjan

      Sign dayot upamencao or Jules kounde as cb and Grimaldi or zinchenko as full back

    94. Hamza Abdirahman

      Who think Koaman should start dembele on right instead of griezman.

    95. koolmridz99

      Puig should be retained in first team and deserves chances

    96. Arnav Anney

      The thumbnail must stay

    97. Stephan

      Cuando veo esto me dan mas ganas de jugar futbol

    98. Jake

      Vamossss Braitwhate,dont't give up,we believe you 💚❤

    99. Britto Joy

      Wanna seee puig playing in nxt match😍 waitinggg............. ❣️❣️❣️

    100. Aditya Khare