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    20 years ago today, Leo Messi arrived in Barcelona. These were his first words as a Barça player.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      Now that's what you call a #TBT More on Barça

      1. محمد مهدی نژاد قاسم


      2. Dirmansyah Poetra

        @Sheva Rizki sama gua juga asal indo

      3. Leandro Villafañe



        Vamos esta liga es nuestra

      5. Farhan Bin Mir Hassan

        pls give subtitles from next time

    2. xPiero11x

      0:33 YO SOY GAY!!?????

    3. KHALEID: MR


    4. Emmanuel Cruz

      Se parece a jelty xd

    5. Cesar Toledo

      who would know he would turn into an angry little elf who pushed valverde in the most recent clasico

    6. Gulaknikov

      Barce needs to replace Pique and Busquets in starting 11

    7. elmas grande

      19 years later and he wants to leave

    8. Ali Kahaei

      The most interesting thing for me was the part he was telling about his flaws and weaknesses. Usually, at such age, kids try to hide or even lie about their weaknesses but he is acting like a such a mature little man. He knows his flaws, he's not shy to admit them and he wants to fix them. I wish all adults could take young Messi as their role model.

    9. Suyash Singh

      very soon: MESSI *LAST WORDS* at Barça 2021

    10. Rishav Badola

      That kid who tackled Messi “ooops”

    11. swapnil the gamer

      Then no one knows that this man gives everything to barca

    12. serge H

      Genius and Humble 👍

    13. محمد حكيم

      the GOAT when he was child

    14. Seek Stability

      This Messi kid looks good, he could maybe score a few goals for Barca some day...

    15. Cøppy

      (UNSEEN FOOTAGE) also 600k views

    16. Rs Edwin

      Man he look so innocent.

    17. Erdian Ode


    18. Pawan Gurung

      The best player in the world King Leo.

    19. Angelica De Orozco

      Fcb is going ti win real just it takes practice dont worry

    20. PLUTO

      Parece un buen muchacho, seguro llegará lejos en el fútbol.

    21. Otro personaje Simpático de la tele

      "Tu país, tu familia, tus amigos, todo lo que quieras, pero acá vivís una vida distinta y mucho mejor" Uh, la diferencia entre el primer mundo y el tercero.

    22. Solaiman Akbar

      Unbelievable, Messi.

    23. Obermann

      He had charisma back then.

    24. Petit s

      Orgullo Argentino

    25. o Dhananjay Rai o

      Messi **decides to leave Barca** Barca : **inserts unwanted Nostalgia** "Young MESSI *First Words* at Barca 2001" PS- this won't stop him from leaving ...LOL

    26. Roman Maximus

      This guy have a big potential. Arsenal must sign him🔴🔥

    27. Charliechucky

      I see potential in this kid

    28. TIMOTHY

      can believe this child is the best player hahaha

    29. DANI Vilaseca

      Y quien pensaria que se converteria en el mejor jugador de la historia.

      1. arthur morgan

        De la actualidad no de la historia

    30. Anggu Singsit

      This boy is gonna achieve big things in football.

    31. Dart Aader

      Dude this guy looks like messi, barça should sign him up in the first team

    32. Oscar Alevin

      Messi parece un adulto cuando se expresa. Excelente.

    33. The Destructor Guy

      Wow this kid looks like he will be the GOD some day...

    34. The Destructor Guy

      This kid looks like he could be the Best footballer ever... . . . . . . . . . oh wait he is the best footballer. The Greatest Of All Time ❤️❤️❤️

    35. Reyndzher 23


    36. Nicolas Stanly156 Poblete

      Que nadie habla español la ctm, saludos.

    37. sparkle mcmorris

      i prevail

    38. Rich Law

      Well above matured for his age, you can see how is going to be something

    39. Luiza Francisca Fernandes

      Ay,ay Dale Papito!

    40. dave oo

      what an arrogant prick he really thinks that he is messi ,the best foootballer in the world just because he scores some goals in his youth team LOL he is such an delusianal kid

    41. K I R A EditX

      8 2

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    44. Paul Keke

      Bartomeu OUT

    45. Juan Manuel Ortubia

      Messi es argentino como yo carajo

    46. Elizabeth Winch

      The best 💙❤💙❤

    47. Cristiano Ronaldo

      messi cuando se retire, aunque no sea en el barsa, se merece una estatua dorada si es posible del mismo tamaño que el camp nou, porque se lo meressi

    48. Alejandro Carvajal

      The Goat

    49. Alexis07 YT

      Habla en Español y puros comentarios en inglés nmms:v

    50. Driss Makkor


    51. Hamza Khan

      And rest is history

    52. Dilip Biswas

      GOAT 🐐

    53. YoSoyCoco

      Todo el mundo habla inglés en los comentarios y video y título es en Español así que no han entendido una mierda nadie xd , si hay algún español o sudamericano o alguien que hable español que de like que si no me siento muy solo , apoyo hispanohablente

      1. Diversos Habbos

        AQUI BRO

    54. Lukeyboy12 3

      Last minute goals against Leicester Messi 0-1 lingard Young Messi still has a lot to learn

    55. Athul Sha

      Think this kid might actually be a decent footballer

    56. Raposa de nove caldas

      O maior jogador da história

    57. Nestor Lana da Silva

      Just Messi

    58. Mech114

      ayyyyyyyy... que mono.... T.T

    59. PES Trainer

      Messi plays unbelievable good in PES 2021

    60. Leo Castañeda

      Like si es un club español solo hay comentario en ingles

    61. j.ruiz_650

      king Messi ❤️

    62. F

      It looks like he's going to be a great player, I wish him all the best.

    63. Walter Flores

      Hurry up! Get a napkin! Sign him up! (The napkin is now in Barça's museum). De prisa! Una servilleta! Hay que ficharlo! (La servilleta está ahora en el museo del Barça).


      Hay muchos gringos :v

    65. Pablo Godinez

      quien oria a pensar que ese pequeño chavalin se volvería el mejor de la historia😍

    66. Emiliano Campozzz

      1:23 mamon

    67. Syahiman Jazlan

      I think this kid will be the greatest player one day

    68. Jeevan Joshy


    69. V Y

      U will never become messi

    70. the king


    71. Hoonj


    72. moto boy gaming


    73. Akhtara Alam

      Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi

    74. Lutfi Ardiansyah

      Alien reborn


      FC Barcelona reveals everything 💯

    76. Jesus Lopez

      Se me cae una lagrima 😢

    77. Mohit

      This is cute...

    78. victoriano Fernandez Celiz

      El único comentario en español

    79. Youssef Maanaoui

      Teenager and talk like a professional player GOAT from head to lead ...

    80. Bahar Sopyyewa

      Interesting!!! Did he know that he would be the best player of the world 🤔🤔🤔

    81. Anderson Muromba

      Little did this kid with short hair know he would win 5 ballon d'ors 15 years later

    82. Andy Babun

      "Bueno me faltaria, MEJORAR NO, me faltaria un poco mas de físico, mas altura...." Ya sabia El que era mejor....

    83. Jose Godoy Cebreros

      Yo no hablar inglés

    84. Martín Andre Indo


    85. Murilo Nunes

      Tadinho del messi

    86. AB CD

      I was 1 year old

    87. Manuelito Soto Arias

      Es Lionel Messi 😀😀😀

    88. Julio Rivas


    89. Ismael Khan

      Este video superará los 10Millones de visitas lo dijo el 28/setiembre des 2020

    90. Dinesh Patel

      First words in 2001 last words will be in 2021

    91. Hookah Kalicha

      The Best to ever grace the game

    92. The Ultimate CITYzen

      cr7 4eva

    93. juan jose osorio martinez

      El mejor del mundo

    94. vu han vu

      Messi 💝

    95. Mehdi Hassan

      Who would've thought that this boy would the history of football and becomes a legend in football

    96. Mahmoud Alhlal


    97. Zayanullah khan

      hatting for barca

      1. ØsQęr

        😂 habla como debe ser 😳

    98. HELIUM Techno

      How can I join the Barcelona

      1. HELIUM Techno


    99. Joey Jr


    100. Random George

      This wannabe kid thinks that he's the next Messi.

      1. Pramith Aponso

        Underated comment.Looool😂

      2. Marvellous C.

        @Thabiso Maenetja r/wooosh

      3. Uzair Siddiqui

        @Thabiso Maenetja r/woosh

      4. Anik Dasgupta

        @Thabiso Maenetja r/whoosh

      5. Top 10

        @ranndino 😂😂😂😂😂